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What They're Saying: Buffalo Bills

Buffalo Bills coaches and players comment about their upcoming game against the New England Patriots.

On playing the Patriots...
"I relish any challenge and this is a big challenge. So as a competitor I'm excited about this game, this will be great. It is a personal challenge. I want to go against the very best. I'd rather have a win against and compete against a first ballot Hall of Fame coach like Bill Belichick than a slappy coach. I mean I'll take the victory, but shoot he's going to get what I've got and he knows it."
- Bills Head Coach Rex Ryan

"I don't like New England, so yeah it's definitely personal for me, That's just the way I feel. They're a great football team. Don't get that twisted at all. That's why they're the four-time NFL champs."
- Bills Safety Aaron Williams

"We just got to go out there and play the game. We know they've been dominating this league and winning games and make it to the playoffs every year. But this our year, I think. We just got to go out there and play and have fun. We got great coaches, great players and a great staff. We're just gonna leave everything on the field and can't wait for Sunday."
- Bills Wide Receiver Sammy Watkins

"They're kind of the hunted in my eyes because they are the world champions, and so they obviously won our division every single year that I have been here. They're the ones you want to knock off."
- Bills Head Coach Rex Ryan

[wysifield-embeddedaudio|eid="360131"|type="embeddedaudio"|view_mode="full"]On defending against Tom Brady...
"I think the main thing with him is you really just have to stay at course. You can't get frustrated because you can win almost as quick as possible but the ball's gone, the ball's out. You have to know when and where to take your shots but really just kind of staying the course, not getting frustrated because the last thing you want to do is get frustrated and get out of your game and when the time comes where you win or could win you're not rushing the way that you should so we know what he does and how quickly he can get rid of the ball but it's on all of us to get him stopped."
- Bills Defensive Tackle Kyle Williams

On the atmosphere fans will provide in Buffalo
"I'm anticipating it to be extremely loud. We're going to pump up the volume on our speakers (at practice) when our defense is out there and play it as loud as we can. I'm expecting it to be extremely loud. Our fans have been challenged. If last week was any indication… we don't need to sell seats, our (fans) stand the whole time anyway. Our fans are into it. I have a feeling they're going to be into this one."
- Bills Head Coach Rex Ryan

On Rob Gronkowski...
"We're not going to ask just one guy (to cover him) and say, 'This is your guy.' He'd have to be like King Kong or something (to do that). 'You got him, we've got the Gronk, we're putting Kong on him.'"
- Bills Head Coach Rex Ryan

"Well I think hands down, you're talking about the best tight end in the league. He can run, he can block, he can catch the ball, run after the catch, he does a lot of dangerous things in the red-zone, you can split him out and get him the ball, so he's somebody you really have to account for on every given play and you have to identify him and have to double him up when you can but you also have to ask guys to hold up when you need bodies other places so he's a tough matchup for anybody and we have to be ready for it."
- Bills Defensive Tackle Kyle Williams

On preparing for the Patriots...
"We know their personnel, there are always going to be a few new wrinkles every game that you come out, but it's going to boil down to us going out there and executing our plays against the looks that they give us. Each week is going to be a challenge and I'm confident in my guys to go out there and take the challenge head on. We're confident as a team and we're just going to go out there and play ball."
- Bills Quarterback Tyrod Taylor

On confidence heading into the game...
"My thing is that we're going to beat New England and everybody has to feel confident in that. I want everybody's confidence to be above the roof this week," Williams said. "I don't want anybody to think that they're not going to be ready. I don't want anybody to think that they can't handle the guy across from them. If anybody has that attitude we're going to be beat before the ball is snapped. I'll have my guys ready and it's going to be an exciting week."
- Bills Safety Aaron Williams

On guarding against over-confidence heading into the game...
"Hey don't worry about that. That aint gonna happen, that's not gonna happen. Yeah you know what we beat the Colts so you know please nobody wants to play us now. Alright come on. Trust me, we know we're not the hunted, we know who is the hunted, we get it. So don't think for a second we don't get it."
- Bills Head Coach Rex Ryan

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