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What They're Saying: Buffalo Bills

On the Patriots...

"This is an outstanding football team, not that the other ones weren't. It just seems like now with the addition of some of other players that they've added to on the roster with the addition of [Brandin] Cooks and some of the other player's they've been able to add the last really X amount of months I think this is a dynamite football team."
- Head Coach Sean McDermott


On the Patriots Defense...

"They do a good job of identifying strengths and trying to make other teams beat them in other ways. I think that's a big part of what they do and how they prepare."
- Head Coach Sean McDermott

"They're playing better against the run. Playing more man to man on coverage. They look good."
- Running Back LeSean McCoy

"It's a disciplined group. There's a bunch of talented guys on that team. It's going to be a challenge for us."
- Quarterback Tyrod Taylor

On the Patriots Run Game...

"[They're] physical, downhill, [they] make you take care of your responsibilities and do your job and if you don't then they exploit it – a lot of things that I've seen from them in the past. Obviously Tom Brady presents his challenges and then you mix that with a good running game and it makes it even tougher to defend those guys."
- Defensive Tackle Kyle Williams


"Well if you don't take care of the running game then they will wear you down if you don't respect the running game, if you don't fit the running game the right way. They do a lot of obviously, you guys know it, you've seen it for years, things within the game from a game management standpoint that they are able to run the ball effectively by when you're not able to line up some of that. They just do a great job and obviously with what the quarterback does and their weapons do on the perimeter kind of opens up their running game at times. Then I think their offensive line doesn't get enough credit for what they do and Coach [Dante] Scarnecchia and what he's been able to do over the years up there."
- Head Coach Sean McDermott

On Tom Brady...

"He's for sure one of the best, if not the best of all time. His work ethic and the time he puts in. You can see it. Hopefully, we're making plays on him and sacking him, but it will be a good game.  We can't make a lot of mistakes because it's hard enough playing against him."
- Running Back LeSean McCoy

"Great quarterback. One of the best to ever play. Definitely someone I admire. Our games are totally different, but just the way he passes in the pocket. The way he gets the ball out of his hands and rarely gets touched - that's something I can take from his game."
- Quarterback Tyrod Taylor

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