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What They're Saying: Chicago Bears

Find out what Chicago Bears coaches and players are saying about the upcoming game against the New England Patriots.


On Tom Brady...
"They are so well balanced that as good as Tom is, watching film they don't ask him to do everything. They have a solid run game. Their intermediate pass game is on point and obviously he is very capable of putting the team on his shoulders and bringing them back and you have seen him do it plenty of times and having those games."
- Bears Defensive End Jared Allen

"What can I say that hasn't been said? The hyper-competitive, just talented, at times just incredibly brilliant, so much of his career. When you're on the field with somebody like that, it's just a privilege to be in the league and to be out there competing against him. He's certainly one of the best and has been one of the best for a long time."
- Bears Head Coach Marc Trestman


On the Patriots defense...*
"They're talented and they've got great schemes. Obviously coach Belichick has been doing this for a long time and finds a way to take away No. 1 and No. 2 [receiver options] most of the time. Revis coming along and helping them out has only made them harder to deal with, so we're going to have to be careful."
*- Bears Quarterback Jay Cutler

"When you look at them on paper or their statistics right now, they're number one with takeaways, so obviously the plus-minus ratio of that has contributed to them with their 5-2 record. I think they've got a three or four-game winning streak going on right now. They're playing really solid, good ball, and they're taking the ball away – interceptions and forced fumbles. Also, on the offensive side, they're taking care of the ball. So, when you play a team like that who plays sound football, you always have to play sound football yourself. You don't want to give them a turnover because they're going to turn that into points. And the other way around, we've got to try to take the ball away from them."
- Bears Running Back Matt Forte

On the Patriots offense...
"Their offense puts pressure on the opposing offense by controlling the ball and scoring points as of late. It's a tough team. They're very situationally aware. Third-and-longs, they're going to do the right thing. Fourth-and-short, they're going to do the right thing. They're very well coached."
- Bears Quarterback Jay Cutler


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