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What They're Saying: Dallas Cowboys

[wysifield-embeddedaudio|eid="367831"|type="embeddedaudio"|view_mode="full"]On facing the Patriots...
"I think it starts with having the right kinds of guys on your team. There is no shortage of motivation around here. The guys want to win, the guys want to work hard every day and get better individually and collectively. We're excited about the challenge we face each and every Sunday. That's never been an issue with this group. We've had some injuries, but we've had some backup players come in and do a good job. We've got a great challenge this week against New England. We've just got to go play our best football."
- Cowboys Head Coach Jason Garrett

On the Patriots Defense...
"They're solid. You can tell what we all expected. They are well coached, they play their scheme and they have really good players. They play hard, they're well disciplined, they are just a very sound, well-coached good defense. They have various looks and try to get guys matched up on the right guy. They're just very good; a good solid defense."
- Cowboys Quarterback Brandon Weeden

On Greg Hardy's comments regarding Tom Brady...
"Typically we try to keep things ion house here with the Cowboys. Greg is excited to be playing. Sometimes things come out of your mouth when you are excited I think he has an understanding that it is more important to define yourself as a player more than anything else. I think he will learn from those comments and the reaction to them. I don't think it was anything – there was no bad intent by any means. I think he is just excited to get back to playing football."
- Cowboys Head Coach Jason Garrett

On the Patriots secondary...
"We all know what Malcolm Butler did in the Super Bowl, and that play kind of defined him, it doesn't define him but showed what he's all about. He's a hard-nosed gritty player, just competes his tail off. He's a good player. Logan Ryan has been around there for a little bit. There's a lot of guys, Patrick Chung and [Devin] McCourty and those guys that are veteran guys and have played at a high level. We played against [Bradley] Fletcher when he was in Philly. They are all good players. You look on tape and they just compete. They play hard, they play good technique and they play whatever coverage they are doing. They dictate and play well. They are all on the same page and communicate well it looks like. It's going to be another good challenge for us."
- Cowboys Quarterback Brandon Weeden

On Tom Brady
"He really is an amazing player. If you think about him playing at that level for the last 15 years, and maybe playing as well as he has ever played right now, it's amazing. He doesn't show any signs of getting older physically. He moves around as well as he has ever moved around; he throws as well as he has ever thrown it, his understanding of the game has always been really, really, really high and I think it's probably the highest right now. He has a great command of what they want to do; he has a great command of what opposing defenses are trying to do to him. He makes adjustments within plays, within series, within games always putting their team in situations where they can be successful. I always hold him in the highest regard."
- Cowboys Head Coach Jason Garrett

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