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What They're Saying: Denver Broncos

Denver Broncos Head Coach Gary Kubiak and select players comment on their upcoming game against the New England Patriots.

On the advantage of playing New England in Denver...
"That's a pretty good advantage. We know that it's going to be a tough matchup playing there or here."
- Broncos CB Chris Harris Jr.

On facing the Patriots...
"It will be fun—Sunday Night Football, undefeated team coming in. It will be a lot of fun. It's great playing against [Patriots QB] Tom [Brady], though. He's a great competitor."
- Broncos CB Aqib Talib

"Obviously, [they are] a great football team. The quarterback is playing as well as we've ever seen him play. They've had some guys out offensively and they continue to move the ball and play well. Defensively, in the past few years that I've played against them—they're all healthy this year. They've got a lot of top picks, but they've got them all in place this year. They had been nicked up in the past couple years. [They are] as good a defensive football team as we've played this year."
- Broncos Head Coach Gary Kubiak

"At the end of the day, it's all about us going out and playing our game. This is a great team. Obviously, they've won 10-straight games, and that's huge in the NFL. They are one of two undefeated teams. That says a lot to them. Obviously, our goal is to go out there and win this game. That's what we're looking forward to doing. We're not really looking at their record or our record. We're just going out here and trying to see if the best team can win the game."
- Broncos NT Sylvester Williams

On the best way to defend Patriots TE Rob Gronkowski...
"I don't think anything works week-to-week. I think guys change it up and he adapts to different things that defenses do. We'll have a plan."
- Broncos S T.J. Ward

"[Buffalo doubled him] some. They didn't all the time. He's a great player and you have to be aware of him. Anytime they have a—they do the same thing defensively against teams they play. If you try to take away what they do best or take away their best player, that's what you have to try to do. It means doubling him a lot, certainly, but it also means putting enough pressure on the quarterback where the guy doesn't have time to throw to the guy even when he gets open sometimes. You can't double cover him every play, but there are certain things that we will. You have to."
- Broncos Defensive Coordinator Wade Phillips

On if the Patriots' injuries have changed their offense...
"I think they've got the main pieces and that's [TE Rob] Gronk [Gronkowksi] and [QB] Tom Brady. As long as they've got those guys, I think they're going to always be in pretty good shape. When you've got the type of quarterback like him, I think he can pretty much go out there and move the ball. As long as he doesn't have to rush and he can get some good protection, he can move the ball on anybody. I feel like the key is just to get in there and get a rush and then stop the run."
- Broncos NT Sylvester Williams

On what makes the Patriots unique on defense...
"What makes them unique? Shoot, they have a lot of talent on that side of the ball. They've spent a lot of first- and second-round picks on their players on that side of the ball. The thing I think that's special about them is they all play hard. They all play like it's their last play, and you can really see that on tape. Their defensive backs get after receivers at the line of scrimmage. They're really physical. Their defensive line—they've been causing a lot of chaos for quarterbacks. They've been getting to the quarterbacks. I think [Patriots DE] Chandler Jones is over 10 sacks at this point in the year. I think they just play extremely hard. They know their scheme inside and out and they execute their scheme."
- Broncos QB Brock Osweiler

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