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What They're Saying: Green Bay Packers

Find out what Green Bay Packers coaches and players are saying about their upcoming game against the New England Patriots.


On the Patriots defense...
"It's a matchup defense. They'll figure out who they want on Jordy, who they want on Randall, who they want on 'Q' and who they want on Davante. We'll run our offense and adjust if we have to. That's football. We adjust, they adjust, and whoever can be more efficient will probably end up winning."
- Green Bay Packers Quarterback Aaron Rodgers

On the game...
"You look forward to these games. It'll be a fun game, a great matchup across the board. This is what you want to play games for."
- Green Bay Packers Wide Receiver Jordy Nelson

"They play chess. It isn't a checkers game. Hopefully we can go out and play chess a little bit, too."
- Green Bay Packers Cornerback Tramon Williams

On Rob Gronkowski...
"The biggest thing with a guy like him is you have to find a way to get him down once he catches the ball. His yards after catch, I don't know what the stats might be on him, but he breaks a lot of tackles and gets downfield, and their team gets energized when he does that. You can see on tape he breaks a lot of tackles. Guys have trouble getting him down. But at the same time, guys are trying to limit his touches and he's still catching the ball."
-Green Bay Packers Linebacker A.J. Hawk

"Gronkowski is playing outstanding. [He's] a great player, obviously a tough matchup for mostly any defense. We're obviously aware of his ability, and we obviously haven't played against him, so he's definitely a focal point for our defense."
-Green Bay Packers Head Coach Mike McCarthy

On Tom Brady...
This is a quarterback who gets rid of the ball very quick. He's hard to stop, but we have to make our plays when it counts. You see the teams that have been able to beat him have done that. Hopefully that's the case. We can't let him get comfortable back there and get rolling, or it will be a long day for us."
- Green Bay Packers Linebacker Clay Matthews

On Brandon Browner and Darrelle Revis
"They're a talented duo there. They both have different skill sets that they use to their advantage. I played against Browner in college and he was a dominant player and then for whatever reason he went up to Canada and came back. He's been a dominant player since he's been back. He's a lockdown defender, uses his size and length really well. Darrelle has been one of the best corners probably since he got into the league. With the years under his belt, it just gives the experience. There's nothing that probably surprises him. He's done a great job of being patient and reading routes. He's got great ball skills. Everything he does is exceptional. "
- Green Bay Packers Quarterback Aaron Rodgers

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