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What They're Saying: Miami Dolphins

Find out what Miami Dolphins coaches and players are saying about their upcoming game against the New England Patriots.


On playing at New England...
"They are awful good there. They're a good football team wherever you play them. It doesn't really matter where. Every time I've ever competed against them, they're an excellent football team, they're well coached. It's not easy certainly to win there."
- Dolphins Head Coach Joe Philbin


On playing the Patriots...*
"I expect a tough game. It's two good teams playing, just like it was last time we played them and the time before that and so on and so on and so on. A lot of competitors are going to be on the field and everybody's vying for that W (win). There's only one of them, it can only be passed out to one team. This obviously, again, is another big game for us, as we've been in a few this season. I'm very confident in the guys that we have in this locker room to go out there and put the best foot forward. I think, when we do that, as we've shown in the past, we're hard to beat."
*- Dolphins Defensive End Cameron Wake

"We are playing an outstanding opponent. We need to play our best football game of the year. You get paid as a coach to get your team to play up to their potential. That's what we have to do."
*- Dolphins Head Coach Joe Philbin

"We know what kind of fight it is. We've been up there and been embarrassed before. We've been up there and felt like we whupped 'em and still came out with a loss. You've got to play a complete game with those guys. We've got a good offense also, and we've got a great defense. It's gonna be a good game. I don't know what everybody's expecting, but we're going up there and we're trying to come out with a victory."
*- Dolphins Defensive Back Jimmy Wilson

On playing against Darrelle Revis...
"It's always going to be a challenge. He's a great player, probably the best cornerback in the league, definitely top two or three no matter whose list you have. It's always going to be a tough challenge, he's a great player, no way around it."
- Dolphins Wide Receiver Mike Wallace

"We obviously honor and respect him for the player that he is, but you can't eliminate a side of the field or anything like that. You have to still see what is happening, make sure (the receiver) is winning. You are not just going to throw one to just throw at him. Obviously, we have to be winning and trust our receiver. Whoever they match him up on is going to have a tough game, but they are going to have to find a way to fight and find a way to get open."
- Dolphins QB Ryan Tannehill

On Brandon Browner...
"He's got outstanding length, he can re-route players at the line of scrimmage. You better have a plan when you're going up against this guy. He's one of the better cover guys that we've faced. He's been a nice addition to their ball club."
- Dolphins Head Coach Joe Philbin


On comparing the Patriots in Week 1 to now...*
"A lot of the same things. It's a team that takes great care of the football. I think they are what plus-10 or something in the turnover margin. They're one of the best teams in football in that regard of holding onto the ball and taking it away, number one. I think they are operating at a high level in all three phases. They're scoring a lot of points, they're not giving up a lot of points. I think, the last three weeks, they're giving up an average of about 16 points a game. They're just playing good all-around football."
*- Dolphins Head Coach Joe Philbin

On Rob Gronkowski...
"He's a consistent player. I think when he gets in there that he does his job well and he does it consistently. That's always something that is going to stand out on the football field regardless of position. It's another week where, we as a defense, have to do whatever we can to limit that and stifle that as much as we can from all facets of their offense because when those guys can get it going they can make it tough. We have been focusing on us week-in and week-out, and this is another week we have to play the same style of defense that we've been playing. Obviously, the last few times we went out there, we got the job done. We have to make it three."
- Dolphins Defensive End Cameron Wake


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