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What They're Saying: New York Jets

Find out what New York Jets coaches and players are saying about their upcoming game against the New England Patriots.


On matching up against Bill Belichick...
"You like to be, as a competitor, you like facing the best, and that's what he is. Obviously, I like doing that just as any competitor would. So it's not different. Obviously, I wish I had more success against him, but they do a tremendous job in all phases of the game. I say they are a really well coached football team, and his assistant coaches are outstanding as well. They have been around a long time with him. Obviously it is a huge challenge, but yeah to say that as a competitor, and all that kind of stuff, yeah absolutely I enjoy the preparation and the battles against him."
- Jets Head Coach Rex Ryan


On Darrelle Revis...*
"Darrelle's playing at a high level. Top five corner. Maybe the best corner in the game. He's always a guy you need to be aware of, and definitely you have to game plan against him and realize that you can only take so many chances putting the ball in his direction. We're going to do some things that maybe are a little different and maybe are a little similar to the last matchup and see what works."
*- Jets Quarterback Geno Smith

On playing the Patriots...
"Whenever it is the Patriots, a division rival, a team that is always so good, you always want to go out there and be at your best."
- Jets Quarterback Geno Smith

"We're approaching it as if we're 11-3 also. It doesn't matter (with) the type of work, the preparation and the kind of mentality that we're going to take into this game. And we know they're taking the same (approach)."
- Jets Head Coach Rex Ryan

"It's going to be a passionate game. We're going to get their best. They're going to get our best. I'm looking forward to it."
- Jets Linebacker Quinton Coples

"They're our rivals. We're still unsettled by how we finished the last game, obviously, by getting a field goal blocked. We want to finish the season on a strong note against a very worthy opponent."
- Jets Guard Willie Colon

"Obviously, with the Patriots being the best team in the NFL right now, it's a challenge for us. It's an opportunity for us to go out and play and see what we're made of."
- Jets WR Eric Decker

On the Patriots Defense...
"They've got a lot of confident guys over there, some veteran guys, some smart athletic guys and we've got our work cut out for us. We're going to have to practice hard this week and pay attention to the small details and hopefully we can have some success on this defense if we go out there like we did last game our offensive line pushed those guys and opened up some lanes for us to run."
- Jets Running Back Chris Johnson


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