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With Vick out of federal custody, Goodell will rule on QB's future soon

NEW YORK -- NFL commissioner Roger Goodell isn't revealing when he'll decide whether to reinstate Michael Vick now that the former Atlanta Falcons quarterback has been released from federal custody.

"The process is ongoing, and I hope to make a decision sometime in the near future," Goodell said Tuesday, one day after Vick's home confinement ended

Goodell wouldn't define what "near future" means.

Vick served 23 months on a dogfighting conviction.

NFL training camps open for veterans next week. Goodell wouldn't say when he'll meet with Vick.

"We're not going to give any details right now," he said after a news conference announcing singer Marc Anthony's involvement with the Miami Dolphins.

The commissioner has said he wants to see remorse and evidence of change from Vick, whom he indefinitely suspended. And even if Goodell reinstates Vick, the 29-year-old quarterback still would have to find a team willing to sign him.

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