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Xzavier Dickson Transcript 5/2: 'I've just got to go in and make the best out of my opportunity'


Q: What was your reaction to getting drafted by the Patriots?

XD: I was excited and blessed.

Q: Did you have any contact with the Patriots prior to the draft?

XD: I had a workout and a visit with the Patriots.

Q: How well do you know Dont'a Hightower?

XD: Hightower is a very good player. [Inaudible]

Q: Has he contacted you since you got drafted?

XD: I have no clue. He probably tried to, but my phone has been blowing up, so I really haven't had a chance to see.

Q: How many texts do you have on there right now?

XD: I have a bunch. I haven't even looked yet, honestly.

Q: What would you say your strengths are as a football player?

XD: Pass rushing.

Q: How do you think playing for Nick Saban has prepared you to come into this program and try to compete for a job here?

XD: I think they run the same style defense. Their coaching style is very similar. I think it's prepared me well.

Q: Did you meet with the Patriots before the draft?

XD: Yes sir, I did.

Q: Was that here in New England or down at your pro day?

XD: Both.

Q: What do you think of the competition there will be on defense in training camp, with all the defensive players the Patriots have drafted this year?

XD: It's just football. It's a competition every day. I've just got to go in and make the best out of my opportunity.

Q: Do you think playing in a competitive environment like Alabama helps you coming into the NFL?

XD: Yes sir, I think it helps me a lot, especially with the competition I played with. I feel like it's prepared me well for the NFL.

Q: How were you feeling late in the draft as the picks started to dwindle?

XD: I was a little frustrated.

Q: Do you have a favorite pass rush move?

XD: I think speed to power is my best move.

Q: When you visited with the Patriots did they talk to you at all about how you might fit into their defense?

XD: They just said I'll be a defensive end or outside linebacker.

Q: Have you played any special teams in college?

XD: Yes sir, I did.

Q: On what units did you play?

XD: Punt, kickoff, kickoff return.

Q: How closely did you have to focus on that part of your game while in college? Do you take it pretty seriously? They take it pretty seriously here.

XD: Yes sir, I did. I took it very seriously.

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