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Zach Moore Conference Call Transcript

New England Patriots DL Zach Moore addresses the media during his draft day conference call on Saturday, May 10, 2014.


Q:** Were you surprised to get not just a phone call from the Patriots, but to get drafted?

ZM: I would just say I was very honored. The Patriot organization is a well-oiled, classy organization. I'm happy to be a Patriot and ready to get to work playing football.

Q: After spending the last five years at a Division II school, what's the moment like when and NFL team calls your name?

ZM: It's a surreal moment, but then again it just goes to show how much work I put into the past five years of my college experience at a Division II level.

Q: How much contact did you have with the Patriots during the pre-draft process?


With the 198th overall pick (sixth round) the Patriots selected Concordia (MN)DE Zach Moore.

ZM:** I just had a private workout. I did good in that workout and obviously they liked what they saw. I feel as though it's a great fit.

Q: Do you have kind of a chip on your shoulder knowing you'll be coming to camp with guys from Florida and Florida State and the like? Do you kind of have something to prove?

ZM: There's always something to prove. Even if I wasn't a Division II football player, I'd always have a chip on my shoulder and I'd always be a competitor.

Q: How does a guy from Concordia get to the NFL? What are some challenges that you faced that guys from other schools might not face?

ZM: It wasn't a real big challenge. Just stick to your faith, stick to working hard, producing, putting up the numbers that teams want to see and good things will happen from that.

Q: What do you think the Patriots saw in you? What about your game makes you stand out?

ZM: Hopefully my tape, the way I carry myself as a person. I think it fits the Patriot Way. It's so prestigious [of an] organization and I'm proud to represent that logo of the New England Patriots.

Q: You played three technique and some of the scouting reports said you can play the five technique outside the tackle and may even be athletic enough to drop back and play linebacker. How many different spots along the front have you played and have you done much dropping into coverage?

ZM: I've played everywhere on the defensive line, but at the same time, I'm going to play whatever Coach [Bill] Belichick wants me to play. If he wants me to punt the ball, I'll punt it. If he wants me to long snap it, I'll do that. I feel as though I'm athletic enough to play anything.

Q: Are you a good long snapper?

ZM: I can be.

Q: Who are you watching the draft with?

ZM: I'm watching the draft with former teammates from Concordia.

Q: Are they excited for you?

ZM: Everyone is excited. Mom and dad are excited. The first Golden Bear in school history to be drafted, so it's a really euphoric moment in my life.

Q: Can you talk about getting after the quarterback? They numbers look pretty impressive. What kind of pass rusher are you?

ZM: I'm an all-around pass rusher. I can get through quickness, power, anything.It just comes from me working on my technique and being technically sound, because eventually you're going to have to rely on technique.

Q: Any connections with anyone currently on the team? Do you know anyone on the roster?

ZM: No, I do not.

Q: Did you come up here any time other than maybe a visit with the Patriots?

ZM: No, sir. Never been to Boston.

Q: You're a two-time captain at school there. How important was that role to you and what were some of your duties as a captain?

ZM: Just managing the team as far as the off the field incidents, on the field discipline, just being a mild tempered individual because there are tempers on the team that you have to be aware of. Just making sure that the team has camaraderie all around.

Q: Any special teams experience?

ZM: Field goal block.

Q: Did you ever block one?

ZM: I blocked three in my career.

Q: You're the first player from Concordia to be drafted into the NFL?

ZM: Yes, sir.

Q: What does that mean to you?

ZM: It means a lot. I'm representing my school, my hometown, my high school and my friends and family.

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