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Videos - December 2022

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2022-12-01 Patriots All Access: Bills Preview 
2022-12-01 Patriots Unfiltered on TV: Bills In Foxborough, Vikings Leftovers, Jahlani Tavai 1-on-1
2022-12-01 My Cause My Cleats Unboxing: Patriots LB Josh Uche Unveils His Custom Team Impact Game Cleats
2022-12-01 Hype Video: Patriots vs. Bills
2022-12-01 All-22: Mac Jones delivers 34-yard TD to Nelson Agholor
2022-12-01 All-22: Bailey Zappe lobs 25-yard TD pass to DeVante Parker
2022-12-01 All-22: Rhamondre Stevenson makes 31-yard TD look easy
2022-12-01 All-22: Minkah Fitzpatrick gets up to intercept Mac Jones
2022-12-02 Can't-Miss Play: Josh Uche's ridiculous bend technique nets strip-sack of Josh Allen
2022-12-02 Rhamondre Stevenson looks like modern-day Jim Brown on pile-driving run
2022-12-02 David Andrews 12/1: "We didn't execute"
2022-12-02 Rhamondre Stevenson 12/1: "We need to work on finishing our drives"
2022-12-02 Bill Belichick 12/1: "Just couldn't do enough tonight"
2022-12-02 Devin McCourty 12/1: "They are just too good of a football team to fall behind on"
2022-12-02 Matthew Judon 12/1: "We have to focus, come back and be ready"
2022-12-02 Mac Jones 12/1: "Hats off to the Bills for playing a good game"
2022-12-02 Press Pass: Patriots lose divisional battle
2022-12-02 Bill Belichick 12/2: "We need to keep working to improve"
2022-12-03 Patriots This Week 12/2: Breaking down the loss to the Bills
2022-12-05 Cameron Achord 12/5: "You never want to put too much on someone's plate"
2022-12-05 Steve Belichick 12/5: "It's important to have good rush integrity every single week"
2022-12-05 Troy Brown on Marcus Jones 12/5: "He's continued to earn his right to be out on the field"
2022-12-06 Bill Belichick 12/6 on Preparing for the Cardinals, Two-Game West Coast Road Trip
2022-12-06 Lawrence Guy Sr. Named Patriots Walter Payton Man of the Year Nominee
2022-12-06 Lawrence Guy 12/6: "It's not about what you do on the field, it's what you do off"
2022-12-06 David Andrews 12/6: "Everyone is committed to trying to turn it around"
2022-12-06 Sights and Sounds: Week 13 vs. Buffalo Bills
2022-12-06 Deatrich Wise Jr. 12/6: "We've done a better job keeping quarterbacks in the pocket"
2022-12-07 Bill Belichick 12/7: "Success comes through consistency, and that's what we are trying to build towards"
2022-12-07 Patriots Foundation, Devin McCourty and teammates host annual Gifts from the Gridiron event
2022-12-08 Patriots Unfiltered: One-on-One With Ja'Whaun Bentley
2022-12-08 Matthew Judon 12/8: "We've got to get the job done"
2022-12-08 Devin McCourty 12/8: "We need to focus on winning"
2022-12-08 Mac Jones 12/8: "We've just go to go out there and compete and win"
2022-12-08 Belestrator: Previewing the Arizona Cardinals Playmakers
2022-12-08 Press Pass: Preparing for Arizona
2022-12-09 Patriots Unfiltered on TV: Away to Arizona
2022-12-09 One-On-One with Marcus Jones
2022-12-09 Bill Belichick 12/9: "We try to play our best every week"
2022-12-09 Josh Uche on Kyler Murray 12/9: "He has a lot of tools in his toolbox"
2022-12-09 Adrian Phillips 12/9: "These next five games are pretty much going to decide our postseason fate"
2022-12-09 Rhamondre Stevenson 12/9: "We still got a few games left"
2022-12-10 Patriots All Access: Cardinals Preview, Memorable Monday Night Moments, Marcus Jones 1-on-1
2022-12-10 Patriots This Week: Buffalo Bills Recap, Arizona Cardinals preview
2022-12-10 Jonathan Jones 12/10: "I enjoy being out there with my teammates"
2022-12-10 Kyle Dugger 12/10: "I know the importance of this game"
2022-12-10 Army-Navy Game Coming to Gillette Stadium
2022-12-11 Monday Night Memories
2022-12-12 All-22: Mac Jones finds Hunter Henry down seam for 39-yard gain
2022-12-13 Wise's pressure earns Judon a sack of Colt McCoy
2022-12-13 Rookie Kevin Harris' seventh career rush goes for 14-yard TD
2022-12-13 Nelson Agholor's swift out route sets up 13-yard toe-tap catch
2022-12-13 Pierre Strong rushes for a 44-yard Gain vs. Arizona Cardinals
2022-12-13 Can't-Miss Play: Hopkins loose ball handling ends in scoop-and-score TD for Raekwon McMillan
2022-12-13 Mac Jones connects with Hunter Henry for 39 yards
2022-12-13 Judon gets to McCoy in blink of an eye for speedy sack
2022-12-13 Josh Uche overpowers tackle on way to third sack of McCoy
2022-12-13 Patriots' best defensive plays vs. Cardinals Week 14
2022-12-13 David Andrews 12/12: "We did enough good things to win"
2022-12-13 Marcus Jones 12/12: "However I can help the team I am down for it"
2022-12-13 Patriots vs. Cardinals Highlights | NFL Week 14
2022-12-13 Josh Uche 12/12: "We're out there playing for each other"
2022-12-13 Bill Belichick 12/12: "We made enough plays offensively and defensively to win"
2022-12-13 Mac Jones 12/12: "The biggest thing was that we got the win"
2022-12-13 Matthew Judon 12/12: "We've got to defend every blade of grass"
2022-12-13 Press Pass: Patriots take care of business in Arizona
2022-12-13 Press Pass: Coaches Discuss Rookie Class Performance
2022-12-13 Next Gen Stats: Mac Jones' 3 most improbable completions Week 14
2022-12-13 Locker Room Celebration Following Win Over Cardinals
2022-12-14 Sights and Sounds: Week 14 vs. Arizona Cardinals
2022-12-14 Bill Belichick 12/14: "We're going to have to play well Sunday"
2022-12-14 Matthew Slater 12/14: "We just have to take care of our business"
2022-12-14 Nick Folk 12/14: "We just take it all day by day"
2022-12-14 Josh Uche 12/14: "I feel like I am part of this family"
2022-12-14 Devin McCourty on Davante Adams 12/14: "He is a challenge to everybody"
2022-12-15 One-on-One with Daniel Ekuale
2022-12-15 Belestrator: Las Vegas Raiders Playmakers
2022-12-15 Matthew Judon 12/15: "We know what we're here for"
2022-12-15 Mac Jones 12/15: "It's going to be a big challenge for us"
2022-12-15 Adrian Phillips 12/15: "Everything has been good"
2022-12-16 Patriots Deutschland - Die Woche! Aus Arizona
2022-12-16 Patriots Unfiltered on TV: From Arizona to Las Vegas, 1-on-1 with Daniel Ekuale
2022-12-16 One-On-One with Raekwon McMillan
2022-12-16 50 Seconds with Raekwon McMillan
2022-12-16 Bill Belichick 12/16: "It's been a really good opportunity for us here"
2022-12-16 AFC Playoff Picture: Week 15 
2022-12-16 Nelson Agholor 12/16: "We'll find a way to make it happen"
2022-12-16 Deatrich Wise Jr. 12/16: "Every game we go into the goal is to win"
2022-12-17 Patriots All Access: Raiders Preview, Raekwon McMillan 1-on-1
2022-12-17 Patriots This Week: Arizona Cardinals Takeaways and Las Vegas Raiders Preview
2022-12-17 Tales from the Tailgate: Mike O'Toole
2022-12-18 Hype Video: Get ready for Patriots - Raiders
2022-12-18 Pierre Strong's patient running nets 14-yard gain to end quarter
2022-12-18 Mac Jones rips 21-yard throw to Tyquan Thornton
2022-12-18 Rhamondre Stevenson weaves through open hole for 17-yard gain
2022-12-18 Can't Miss Play: Kyle Dugger with a Spectacular Defensive Touchdown
2022-12-18 Rhamondre Stevenson turns sliver of daylight into 26-yard burst
2022-12-18 Nick Folk splits uprights with 47-yard FG
2022-12-18 Lawrence Guy engulfs Derek Carr for 7-yard sack
2022-12-18 JaWhaun Bentley drags Carr to ground for third-down sack
2022-12-19 Rhamondre Stevenson rushes for a 34-yard touchdown
2022-12-19 Mac Jones, Jakobi Meyers combine for 39-yard gain on deep-laser pass
2022-12-19 Jakobi Meyers' two-point-conversion catch extends Pats' lead to seven points in fourth
2022-12-19 David Andrews 12/18: "Unfortunately it didn't go the way we wanted"
2022-12-19 Devin McCourty 12/18: "Too many bad plays to win the game"
2022-12-19 Patriots vs. Raiders Highlights | NFL Week 15
2022-12-19 Rhamondre Stevenson 12/18: "I take full responsibility for the play"
2022-12-19 Bill Belichick 12/18: "We made too many mistakes and had too many bad plays and it cost us"
2022-12-19 Mac Jones 12/18: "Tough way to go out"
2022-12-19 Press Pass: Patriots fall to .500
2022-12-19 Bill Belichick 12/19: "We just have to do a better job"
2022-12-19 Flag Football - Anchor Drill
2022-12-20 DeMarcus Covington 12/20: "Every week the object is to affect the quarterback in some way"
2022-12-20 Nick Caley 12/20: "We need to play our best football on Saturday"
2022-12-20 Cameron Achord 12/20: "There's eleven guys out on the field and everyone has got to do their job"
2022-12-21 Bill Belichick 12/21: Bengals are "very explosive offensively"
2022-12-21 Patriots Deutschland - Die Woche! Vor den Bengals
2022-12-21 Deatrich Wise Jr. 12/21: "We operate like we do every week, the goal is to win"
2022-12-21 Devin McCourty 12/21: "If you want to make the playoffs, you've got to beat three playoff teams"
2022-12-21 David Andrews 12/21: "As an offense, we all have to execute"
2022-12-21 Mac Jones 12/21: "We want to put our best 60 [minutes] out on the field"
2022-12-22 One-on-One With Lawrence Guy
2022-12-22 Kyle Dugger 12/22: "There's a high level of energy"
2022-12-22 Matthew Judon 12/22: "You can't take anything for granted in this league"
2022-12-22 Rhamondre Stevenson 12/22: "It's going to be a tough one"
2022-12-22 Bill Belichick 12/22: "There's always room to improve"
2022-12-22 Belestrator: Defending against Ja'Marr Chase, Joe Mixon and Samaje Perine
2022-12-23 Patriots Unfiltered on TV: We're Onto Cincinnati, Lawrence Guy 1-on-1
2022-12-23 One-On-One with Josh Uche
2022-12-23 Holiday 'This or That' with Josh Uche
2022-12-24 Patriots All Access: Bengals Preview 
2022-12-24 Patriots This Week: Las Vegas Raiders Takeaways and Cincinnati Bengals Preview
2022-12-24 Robert Kraft welcomes Jerry Edmond to Gillette Stadium
2022-12-24 Jahlani Tavai is a heat-seeking missile on TFL vs. Mixon
2022-12-24 Josh Uche registers sack No. 11.5 for himself on 2022 season
2022-12-24 Kendrick Bourne slips past would-be tackler on 29-yard catch and run
2022-12-24 Devin McCourty snags red-zone INT vs. Joe Burrow
2022-12-24 Can't-Miss Play: Marcus Jones looks like Tyreek Hill on 69-yard pick-six TD
2022-12-24 Kendrick Bourne's first TD catch of 2022 comes in Week 16 vs. Bengals
2022-12-24 Mac Jones dials launch codes to Bourne for 32-yard gain in fourth quarter
2022-12-24 Can't-Miss Play: Kendrick Bourne's twisting effort ends in incredible 28-yard catch
2022-12-24 Can't-Miss Play: Jakobi Meyers recovers deflected pass for IMPOSSIBLE 48-yard TD
2022-12-24 Can't-Miss Play: Judon forces Chase into PIVOTAL fourth-quarter fumble
2022-12-24 Jakobi Meyers 12/24: "I've learned a lot of lessons playing this game"
2022-12-24 Bill Belichick 12/24: "Disappointing finish"
2022-12-24 Ja'Whaun Bentley 12/24: "We showed good toughness and grit"
2022-12-24 Marcus Jones 12/24: "Keep your head down and keep grinding"
2022-12-24 Mac Jones 12/24: "We didn't quit, we fought hard"
2022-12-24 Matthew Judon 12/24: "The one thing we won't do is quit"
2022-12-24 Press Pass: Patriots comeback falls short
2022-12-26 Bill Belichick 12/26: "Getting ready to play our best game against Miami"
2022-12-27 Press Pass: Patriots Coaches Talk Making Corrections
2022-12-27 Steve Belichick 12/27: "We have to be ready for everyone"
2022-12-27 Jerod Mayo 12/27: "Hopefully we'll go out there and perform at a high level"
2022-12-27 Matt Patricia 12/27: "We obviously have to start better than that"
2022-12-27 Joe Judge 12/27: "Some of the best things Mac does doesn't show up on stat sheets"
2022-12-27 Jonathan Jones 12/27: "We've played a lot of good teams here down this final stretch"
2022-12-27 Deatrich Wise Jr. 12/27: "I have a lot of really good role models around me"
2022-12-27 Matthew Slater 12/27: "Through it all we've kept fighting"
2022-12-27 Sights and Sounds: Week 16 vs. Cincinnati Bengals
2022-12-27 Jerry Edmond Meets Robert Kraft and FaceTime’s Jay-Z During His First Game at Gillette Stadium
2022-12-28 Bill Belichick 12/28: "It's a great opportunity for us"
2022-12-28 Under Center PA Hill 
2022-12-28 Josh Uche 12/28: "It's my job to go out there and work hard"
2022-12-28 Mac Jones 12/28: "We've got nothing to lose so just go out there and let it rip"
2022-12-28 Jakobi Meyers presented with Media Good Guy Award
2022-12-29 One-on-One with Jakobi Meyers
2022-12-29 Patriots Deutschland - Die Woche! Vor den Dolphins
2022-12-29 Rhamondre Stevenson 12/29: "It's always better to play football when you are playing for something"
2022-12-29 Matthew Judon 12/29: "We still have something to fight for"
2022-12-29 Belestrator: Previewing the Dolphins Playmakers on Offense
2022-12-30 AFC Playoff Picture: NFL Week 17
2022-12-30 One-On-One with Devin McCourty
2022-12-30 Bill Belichick 12/30:"My focus is on the Miami Dolphins"
2022-12-31 Patriots All Access 12/30: Dolphins Preview, Richard Seymour Feature, 1-on-1 with Devin McCourty
2022-12-31 Patriots This Week: Previewing the Miami Dolphins, Bengals Analysis