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3 hype videos to get pumped for today's game

Just in case you need to fuel the hype before today's game.

It won't be long until the Patriots face off against the Titans, but waiting for kickoff is always the longest part of any game day. There is no better way to spend that time than getting amped up for a playoff game in Foxborough with hype videos. 

And luckily, there is no shortage today. 

Here are a few videos to get you psyched for the game tonight. 

The Patriots are not done. With a look back at some of the season's highs, it is guaranteed to fire you up. 

Social media king Tom Brady sent out his own hype video this morning as well. Tom's is a dramatic look at what is to come. The video flashes through scenes of nature and game highlights, all with a narrator reading the words of British philosopher Alan Watts. Definitely worth a watch. 

A post shared by Tom Brady (@tombrady) on

Last but not least is Julian Edelman's post this morning. Though he's not playing today, he didn't pass up the opportunity to get excited for his brothers. In his, the train is coming, and no one can stop it. 

Get your hype on Patriots fans. 

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