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3rd and GOAT: Observant viewers saw fun message during game

Sometimes things fall so perfectly together that even an accident feels like a sign. That's what happened during Saturday's game in Foxborough for a brief and incredible moment. 

The Patriots set up for a third and goal during Saturday's game, and while it was any other third down in the red zone for the Patriots, fans at home got a different (awesome) view. Danny Amendola lined up as he would for any play, but when the CBS broadcast crew put down the "3rd & Goal" marker, Danny's foot placement gave the graphic a whole new meaning. 

With his white cleat placed perfectly on the projected on the "L" in "Goal," Danny inadvertently sent the message that it was actually third and GOAT. And with Tom Brady in the pocket, it ain't wrong. 

Of course, tt didn't take long for people watching to notice, and Patriots fans had a field day with the fluke.  

It may have been a total coincidence, but we're rolling with third and GOAT. 

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