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4 things we learned from Brandon Bolden's appearance on 'Patriots Off Topic'

Brandon Bolden was on the podcast this week to get Patriots fans in the spooky spirit. 

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When the calendar page flips to October, it is officially time for spooks and scares, and on the latest episode of Patriots Off Topic, Brandon Bolden brought his expertise in all things eerie. Here is what we learned from the episode.

He's a scary movie buff.
It started with "From Dusk till Dawn" and an uncle who wanted to teach him scary movies were nothing to be afraid of, and it has since grown to a lifelong interest. Brandon is no longer easily startled and shared his trick to breaking most horror movies down with logic.

"Essentially, every scary movie has a part where they're going to scare the pants off of you, but there's a part either at the middle or the end of the movie, they teach you. 'Well, this is how you defeat this,'" Brandon said. "You just sit there waiting on that part, and there's nothing to be scared of anymore because if that situation ever comes up, I know what to do."

*He's got ghost stories. *Naturally, it didn't take long for the conversation to turn to ghosts and scary run-ins. Brandon said growing up in Louisiana, he saw a thing or two that made him believe in the paranormal. When he signed with New England out of college, he said he recognized towns from the horror films that were set around the region and knew he could come across scary sights.

"Now I got to go back and watch these movies to make sure I don't go to these towns," he said.

He even shared an encounter from when he was 14 that you need to hear right from him.

*His t-shirt collection is next level. *On more than one occasion, Brandon has been seen rocking an epic graphic t-shirt. He said his collection, which often feature Nickelodeon characters, are, in part, an attempt to score "cool dad" points.

He's not the only Patriot with an array of eclectic shirts, and in a game, Brandon rated Devin and Jason McCourty's t-shirts. Let's just say, he spoke honestly about his teammates' choices.

He's basically a human TV guide.
Growing up, Brandon said he watched a lot of TV, and though he couldn't possibly pick a favorite cartoon, he knew them all. From "Hey Arnold!" to "2 Stupid Dogs," Brandon was all in on the after-school cartoon programming. In fact, it's so ingrained in him that he can still remember the order of the shows, even years later.

"Don't ask me why I know the TV schedule," he said with a laugh.

You can catch all of this and more on this week's episode of Patriots Off Topic. Make sure to subscribe to the podcast so you don't miss future episodes.

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