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5 takeaways from Ted Karras's episode of 'Patriots Off Topic'

Ted Karras co-hosted the latest episode of 'Patriots Off Topic' 

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This week on Patriots Off Topic, Ted Karras stopped by the studio to give his two cents as a guest host. In the third chair, Ted offered his takes on the week in off-the-field news, and we learned quite a bit from the center.

He and his wife are about to become cat parents.
Ted and his wife will soon be welcoming home two new kittens -- Nugget and Nigel. Though it'll be a few more weeks until they can bring them home, he seems ready for cat fatherhood.

"I got to name one, and his name was already Nugget, and my wife wanted to make it alliterative. They're brothers. They're British. It is regal," he said.

Despite growing up in a football family, Ted never really tailgated.
Ted, his father and his grandfather all have Super Bowl rings, so it's fair to say that his family is steeped in football. Growing up, his family moved around quite a bit as his dad pursued a career in coaching, and despite game day being a regular part of their family outings, Ted said tailgating was never really on the docket.

If it's boneless, it is not a true wing.
Last season, Ted gave Patriots social media followers his "Ted Talks," and this season, he will be giving his "Ted Takes." He previewed the segment on Patriots Off Topic with his unpopular opinion, or his hot take, in honor of going to Buffalo.

"Just in the spirit of going to Buffalo this week, I don't think that a boneless chicken wing should be called a wing. I think it's a chicken nugget," Ted said. "I think it's a chicken tender. I'll never order them, and I'll never eat them. If you call them wings, I'm not going to order boneless wings."

His preferred wing? Flats with lots of bleu cheese.

New Englanders get a bad rap.
Ted grew up in the midwest, but he says that the four years he's been in Foxborough are the longest he's lived anywhere.

"Everyone is so nice around here. People say that aren't nice on the East Coast, but I disagree. I've been treated very nicely out here," he said.

He's new to Instagram.
Ted has described himself as a Twitter loyalist, but he recently caved and joined the ranks of those on Instagram. You can follow him here.

Ted talked about these things and so much more on this week's episode. You can listen to Patriots Off Topic now. Be sure to subscribe on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play and Stitcher so you don't miss the weekly episodes.

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