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8 random Patriots quotes from Super Bowl Opening Night

There are always gems to be found at Super Bowl Opening Night. Here are eight of the best from Monday night's media availability.

Photo by Perry Knotts/AP
Photo by Perry Knotts/AP

Every Super Bowl when the media is first given access to the competing teams, hilarity ensues. The outfits and questions are bizarre, and as a result, there is always a treasure trove of funny and random quotes from the players at the podium and wandering around the space.

This year was no different. Your Patriots fielded questions about everything from football to Grand Theft Auto, and we highlighted just a handful of some of the best. Check out Lifestyle's top eight quotes from Super Bowl Opening Night. 

8. Danny Amendola describes Patriots Nation pretty accurately.

"Patriots Nation is loud, they have sick accents. They drink a lot of Dunkin' [Donuts] coffee, and they're awesome."

7. Which NBA player would Tom Brady draft?

"Lebron. Tight end. Split 'em out, just throw it up. He'd come down with a lot of them."

6a. Julian Edelman reveals his wakeboarding past.

"I used to go [Tulelake, Calif.] and pull little tantrums, and little backflips, 360s, all that stuff.

6b. When asked if he had some footage for Twitter: "I'll see what my mom's got up in the old cassette player."

5. Tell 'em how you really feel about "Grand Theft Auto," Marty.

"That game is so violent, like you can just slap people on the street and take their money. And then you get points."

4. Essence of Tom Brady

"You already know what I smell like … flowers!"

3. Superlatives with Dion Lewis.

Best "bro man: "Jules"
Most likely to cry at a sad movie: "Nate Solder."
Who would you want to be stranded with on a desert island: "Uh… None of em'. Any one of the running backs – my homies!"
Most likely to favorite their own tweet: "Marty."

2. When asked which of his teammates would be one of Lady Gaga's "Little Monsters," Matthew Slater puts his money on a wide receiver.

"A guy like Hogan. Hogan might have some Lady Gaga, and I know Julian definitely would have some Lady Gaga on his phone."

1. Panini America Super Bowl kid reporter, 7-year-old Joseph Perez, asked Tom Brady a question that elicited an emotional answer about who the quarterback looks up to.

Check out more highlights from Super Bowl Opening Night in the video below.

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