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8 things we learned from Deatrich Wise's Pats Chat

Deatrich Wise Jr. was Tuesday's guest on Pats Chat at The Hall at Patriot Place presented by Raytheon.


Deatrich Wise Jr. has already started to make a name for himself as a rookie, and on Tuesday morning, students from Hanover High School got to dig more into the life of Deatrich off the field. The rookie was the guest of honor of Pats Chat hosted by Ashlee Feldman at The Hall at Patriot Place presented by Raytheon, a weekly Q&A show with your favorite Patriots players. 

From TV shows and music to how much smack he talks, Patriots fans learned a lot about Deatrich. Here are some highlights from the interview. 

1. He shares a pump up song with a certain quarterback.
Deatrich said his go-to song to get him amped up is "Public Service Announcement" by Jay-Z, the same song that plays when Tom Brady hits the Gillette Stadium field. He also said anything by Migos does the trick too. 

2. Arkansas school pride is no joke.
He gave the Hanover High students a taste of a traditional Arkansas cheer, and you don't want to miss it. Deatrich taught them what it means to call the hogs, with a famed, "Woo pig sooie!" 

3. He's not done with school quite yet.
Deatrich is pursuing a master's degree in occupational and prosthetic therapy. While his dad, Deatrich Wise, Sr., wanted him to play football, his mother wanted him to become a doctor. With him pursuing this degree in the medical field, it's a win-win for both parents.

4. Deatrich stands by his television choices.
He doesn't watch "The Walking Dead" or "Game of Thrones," but he stands by it. Instead you can catch him watching "Blackish," "Modern Family," and, believe it or not, "Once Upon a Time."

5. He's been known to talk some trash on the field.
"Don't let the off-field stuff fool you. I do say some very expressive words out there. I get in their faces a little bit every now and then. I say a little something. I try and let them know who I am, like it's going to be a long day." 

6. Deatrich isn't much of a gamer. He's a self-proclaimed "movie guy."
The last film he saw was "It," but his all-time favorite series is "Planet of the Apes."

7. The team is full of funny guys.
Deatrich said it was a "tossup" between Brandon King and Dont'a Hightower for who was the funniest person on the team. Dont'a always makes him laugh, Deatrich said, "But don't tell him I told you that."

8. You can plan a celebration, but sometimes you get caught up in the moment.
Deatrich said he had a plan for a celebration after his first sack, but when it happened, "it just left me." He does have a celebration with Alan Branch, however, but you'll have to watch the video to see it for yourself.

You can check out the dance and the rest of his Pats Chat in the video below.

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