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8 Ways to survive the bye week

Unsure how you'll get your fix of the Patriots during this bye week? Don't worry. Lifestyle has a some ideas for you.

With the Patriots enjoying their bye week, for the first time in eight weeks there will be no New England football on TV. Don't panic yet. While the thought of a Patriot-less Sunday may make any seasoned fan cringe, we've got some ideas to help fill the void and get you through until the Patriots host the Seahawks on Nov. 13.

Watch "3 Games to Glory IV"
The Patriots may have the week off, but when they return for Sunday Night Football, it's a Super Bowl XLIX rematch. There is no better way to get ready for the Seahawks than to revisit the journey to the Patriots fourth Lombardi trophy. It's an emotional ride that will surely give you enough Patriots spirit to live off of until Week 10. If the DVD set doesn't already hold a special place in your home, you can order a copy here.

Practice Your Gronk Spike

Gronk Spike follow through!

A post shared by Rob Gronkowski (@gronk) on

If nothing else, Rob Gronkowski has taught Patriots Nation that if you can hold an object, you can spike it. Since Gronk and Co. won't be out on the field this week, it's up to Patriots Nation to fill the week's spike quota. Grab a football (or some household items) and let it rip.

Perfect Your Patriots Playlist
You have some time to kill this Sunday, so why not work on making the perfect game day playlist? A good playlist takes work and  can only boost your tailgate or Patriots viewing party. Start with the staples, including: "Crazy Train," "Public Service Announcement," "Your Love (Josie)," "Thunderstruck," and "This Is Our House." From there, add your own selection of songs you associate with the Patriots for a personal touch.

Start Your ProShop Wish List


It's never too early to start putting together your holiday, birthday or any day wish list, and the ProShop has everything Patriots fans could ever want or need. After Malcolm Butler and LeGarrette Blount's stint as models, Patriots fans have a whole new selection to choose from, so make sure friends and family know exactly what you're looking for this season. 

Visit Julian Edelman's Popup Shop

Julian Edelman is using the bye week to open a popup shop at 144 Newbury Street in Boston. For those who are local, swing through see what JE11 has got going on. Maybe you'll even have a run in with Jules himself. 

Get Crafty
If you're feeling inspired, break out the paint brushes and canvases and go to work. The Patriots have already influenced countless local artists to bring their ideas to life. Even those who are not in touch with their inner Picasso can have some fun in time for Thanksgiving. Some of your favorite Patriots traced their hands so you can decorate your own hand turkey with the likes of Tom Brady, Rob Ninkovich and Julian Edelman as your template. You can download and print the players' traced hands here

Visit The Hall
A trip to The Hall at Patriot Place presented by Raytheon is a great place to seek comfort during the Patriots bye week. It is a quick way to be travel throughout Patriots history and have all the football feels. During the month of November, The Hall will have a display dedicated to "Salute to Service," so be sure to catch it. {C}


When in doubt, do what a bye week is made for: rest and relaxation. With no game to stress out over, you can put your feet up and just chill out. Go somewhere warm like some of your Patriots. Pick up a new hobby. Do anything or nothing at all. The Patriots will need their fans rested and ready to go when they return to action. Don't let them down. 


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