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Antowain Smith Post-Game Press Conference

Patriots Runningback Antowain Smith talks to the press about their win against the Bills, 21-11.To read a full transcript, click below.



Q: So, Antowain, take us through that touchdown run at the end. Did it look like they were kind of uptight?

AS: Yeah, it was. Some of the players were like, 'Dawg, how did you get out of that?' I was like, 'I don't know.' I think they… I went out, went back in, saw openings, hit it and from there I just saw end zone, so it was just up to me to just out-race them to the end zone.

Q: How did you feel about facing your old team?

AS: I feel good. We got the win, that's the main thing. It also helped that I had a pretty good performance out there, with two touchdowns and 100 yards. To me that's just icing on the cake. They've got a lot of players on that team, on the defensive and the offensive sides. They played a pretty good game out there. They caused a lot of confusion with us. We had a couple of miscues and we need to execute a little bit better in those situations.

Q: So you didn't have anything personal against the Bills?

AS: No, because that's a whole new coaching staff. There's nobody on that coaching staff that was there when they first drafted me or when I played my four years there. So that's a whole new coaching staff and I have nothing against them. Actually, I have nothing against the old coaching staff, really. I just go out there and I know that coaches that I've had know that I can still play and I can help a team win. And so I'm just making the best of my opportunities.

Q: [Tom] Brady said he could tell you were a little excited today in the locker room this morning. Were you a little more talkative than usual?

AS: I guess I was a little bit more talkative. I wanted to go out there and perform well. Actually, I wanted us to perform well as a team, not only myself. Thinking about myself, I wanted to go out there and have a good day also. I was just talking to the guys, saying that we had to go out there and do it, make some plays and especially when we go against the wind we were going to have to run the ball.

Q: During the week, you wanted to make sure you weren't over-eager. How did you keep yourself in check?

AS: I just kind of stayed away from all the hype. I didn't get caught up in all the interviews back and forth and what players have been saying in Buffalo. I just wanted to go out there and maintain my focus and go out there and not try to do too much. When you go out there and you try to do too much, you find yourself getting into trouble.

Q: How would you assess Brady's performance today?

AS: I think he did a good job. I think he could have been better. He's a young quarterback and he's going through some things right now. But we just have to step up as an offensive unit and rally around him when he's not on his best game.

Q: Is it important for him to play a game like this and get a win out of it?

AS: You know, it was a struggle. It was an ugly game, but the main thing is that we won. As long as we win, we'll take it no matter how it comes. It's a learning process for him. He's a young quarterback and has never been in that situation before and he just has to play through it.

Q: What did your former teammates say to you after the game?

AS: They wished me luck. 'Good game, stay healthy,' and they'll see me when we come to Buffalo.

Q: It was all vanilla?

AS: Yeah, because I had a good relationship with the players on the team. We always bonded. So they wished me well and I wished them well and stay healthy for the rest of the season and I'll see them in Buffalo.

Q: Did guys talk to you when they tackled you today?

AS: Oh yeah, they've got a lot of trash talkers.

Q: What were they saying that's printable?

AS: Printable? Okay. 'Not in here today, don't run that stuff over here,' mainly. Jay Foreman and Pat Williams were doing all the talking.

Q: You guys started out 0-2 and now the team is 5-4 and is coming together in a way that could be very positive. What did you guys get out winning a game that maybe wasn't the prettiest game in the world?

AS: We know that half the games are not going to be played the way that we want to play the game. So, We've got St. Louis coming in here and we know they've got a powerful offense, so we're going to have to go out there and put some points on the board as an offensive unit. They're much improved this year on defense. We know it's going to be a hard test, but we just have to come in and watch film and get ready for it.

Q: Were you talking to them too?

AS: Of course. I've got to talk back. I can't let them think that they've scared me, so I just talked back and said, 'I'll be back the next play all game long.'

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