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Asante Samuel Conf. Call Transcript - 04/27/03

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Q: What kind of defenses did you play down there?

AS: We played a little bit of everything. We like to try to mix it up and disguise. We played hard cover two. We played a lot of zone because we like to zone blitz and kind of off man, things of that nature.

Q: Cover two is something that they use up here a lot, are you very comfortable in that?

AS: Yes, I would be very comfortable in cover two. Actually, it's one of my favorite coverages [because] you could be real aggressive if you want to.

Q: Eugene Wilson is a pretty good cornerback that they picked here yesterday has pretty good ball skills and it looks like you too. You have to school record for pass breakups. Is that a big part of your game?

AS: Yes. Eugene Wilson, he is a great player. Being in college and being a competitor I follow all the colleges and athletes. I love to make plays on the ball and that's all a part of being the cornerback, making plays on the ball and breaking up interceptions.

Q: What would say your strengths, as a player, are?

AS: Just my overall ability and maybe my cover skills and my ability to come up and hit you.

Q: Did you play in any other schemes?

AS: We did nickel and dime. But I started off in the summer camp as a nickel back and then the nickel guy was getting was getting some help but the safety and the corners weren't so they decided to move me back to corner and they were willing to let me guard the nickel spot.

Q: Do you feel you could be a safety as well? Do you think you could branch out to other positions in the secondary if they asked you too?

AS: Yes. I think I am a great athlete. Whatever the coaches ask me to do I'm going to do it.

Q: What do you know about the current situation in New England in the secondary? Are you familiar at all with what they have here now?

AS: Yes, I know they have Ty Law and Otis Smith. Two great guys. I just know they are getting a little older.

Q: What did the coaches talk to you about, either leading up to the draft or after they selected you about what they hope you will bring here?

AS: They just told me they liked me and they were impressed with me and things of that nature. They just said that they are looking for me to come in and work hard and compete for a position.

Q: It says in your biography that you hit harder than 185 pounds. Did you build that reputation as a 'banger' down there?

AS: Yes. At Central Florida, every opportunity that I had to come up and hit somebody I did my best and laid a lick on them.

Q: How about in run support? Is that a strong point for you too?

AS: Yes, in cover two, you can be real aggressive. In cover two, corners have to be in run support. Yes, that is one of my favorite things.

Q: Did you have any indication before the draft that the Patriots were interested in you? Whether it be, they flew you up for a visit or they came to a personal workout.

AS: They came down and worked me out and then they flew me up for a visit. When I came in, they told me they were very interested in me. So I knew from then they were interested in me.

Q: When they worked you out, was that just you or was that everyone at your school? And who was it that worked you out?

AS: I can't remember his name. I think his name was Josh [McDaniels]. He was the defensive backs assistant coach. He came and worked me out, just me by myself.

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