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Behind the scenes: Devin McCourty, Gronk strike a pose for fall catalog

Check out a behind the scenes look at all star models Rob Gronkowski and Devin McCourty at work.


Gronk and Devin McCourty have been practicing their best "blue steel." The two Patriots took some time after practice to strike a pose in some of the ProShop's newest gear for the fall catalog. 

Armed with bucket hats and throwback sweatshirts, the many faces of Gronk and Devin came through Monday afternoon. They were serious, fierce and fun in their Patriots ProShop swag.

Though you'll have to wait to see the official pictures from the photo shoot until the fall catalog is released, Lifestyle is taking you behind the scenes with football players slash models Gronk and Devin. Enjoy the sneak peak!


The look: Nike Team Practice


For more behind the scenes snaps of the ProShop photo shoot, check out the Patriots Snapchat (patriots).

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