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Being a Patriots Fan Just Got Better

The PATRIOTS DESKSITE will deliver exclusive HD videos directly to your desktop, laptop, or tablet. This new technology provides INSTANT access, with no buffering, freezing, or dropping - you can even watch videos offline!



](/media-center/desksite.html)The New England Patriots are pleased to announce the launch of the Patriots DeskSite.

This powerful new app is specifically designed for computers, instead of smartphones – and introduces several new technologies expressly created to support fans' rapidly growing consumption of online video.

For starters, the app will automatically deliver exclusive new videos directly to fans' computers in true high-definition. Like a DVR, videos are stored directly on the computer's hard drive, allowing fans to view content without having to be connected to the internet. The app also provides instantaneous video playback, with none of the buffering, freezing, or dropping associated with streaming video from websites. In another convenience, fans are proactively notified with opt-in audiovisual alerts whenever a new Patriots video has been delivered to their computer – serving as an efficient call to action while dramatically reducing the typical delay between a video's initial release and fan engagement.

The Patriots DeskSite offers year-round video programming, which includes full-length broadcast television shows, interviews with players and coaches, postgame recaps, breaking news, in-depth scouting combine and draft coverage, cheerleader spotlights, game highlights, and much more. Viewers may select from a large menu of content channels, ensuring they receive everything they want, and nothing they don't.

In addition to serving as a revolutionary HD video delivery platform and programmable DVR, the app also operates as a one-stop-shop for aggregated access to all Patriot's digital content, including, Facebook, etc. – fans can even surf the Internet with a fully integrated browser.

In another first, the product allows advertisers to target video ads by exact age and gender, as well as precisely control both reach and frequency. So, for the first time in NFL history, female fans will be shown female-centric ads, instead of the male-centric ad mix that accompanies other NFL touchpoints.

To create and operate this innovative new app, the New England Patriots partnered with DeskSite, a digital media company based in California. DeskSite CEO, Richard Gillam, is delighted to partner with one of America's premiere sports teams, explaining, "The Patriots DeskSite represents a well-balanced combination of great new technology with Must See Video. If you care about the Patriots, you need this product."

Patriots Publisher and VP of Content Fred Kirsch, had this to say, "There is no question this new technology has earned its place at the digital table and is here to stay".

NOTE: The Patriots DeskSite is available for Windows 8, 7, Vista, and XP desktops, laptops, and tablets, as well as Microsoft's new Surface. Macintosh and iPad-compatible products are coming soon.

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