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Bennett and Beasley face off in Madden Super Bowl preview

The big game before The Big Game: Martellus Bennett and Vic Beasley played a game of Madden at NFL Experience Tuesday night.


Fans at the NFL Experience got a sneak peek of the Super Bowl LI matchup on Tuesday night.

Well, technically speaking.

Martellus Bennett and Vic Beasley of the Falcons previewed Sunday's big game on Xbox, playing Madden '17. With a crowd of people watching on at the Microsoft space at NFL Experience, let's just say Marty has had better games. Vic came up big with a 44-11 win over Marty.

The game is a fun, light tradition during the week leading up to the Super Bowl, but that didn't stop both Marty and Vic from putting on their game faces -- though Marty said he wasn't taking it too seriously.

"I think I'm the total opposite. I don't take anything seriously," Marty said. "I was dumbfounded by the way I was losing and [I was] bewildered. It was more a look of bewilderment than it was of seriousness."

Hall of Famer Deion Sanders served as emcee for the showdown and made sure to poke plenty of fun at both guys as they put their knowledge on the virtual field to the test. Though he threw a couple of pick-sixes in defeat, Marty was clear that his performance with a remote was no indication of his performance on the field this Sunday. 

"The real game is totally different, Marty said after the game. "I'm more into putting the work in on the field for the actual game." 

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