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Best moments from Danny Amendola's Twitter Q&A

Danny Amendola spent the day with Pepsi on Wednesday, and to finish out the activities, he took over the Patriots Twitter account to answer your burning questions.


Before the snow took over Foxborough on Thursday, there was another takeover at Gillette Stadium – a Twitter takeover. Danny Amendola spent the day with Pepsi, and the day ended with #AskDola, a chance for Patriot fans to ask DA anything they've ever wanted to know.

With Danny behind the wheel of @Patriots, people on Twitter asked their burning questions, and we pulled a few of the best moments from the takeover.

When it came to Sunday's frigid cold … and, well, that whole bomb cyclone thing ... Danny had a few thoughts and plans to stay occupied -- including a teammate slumber party. 

But warmer weather in New England means more fun in the sun.

On adventures and more with his bff Jules.

He follows a strict pregame ritual and music choices.

And a mixed bag of random questions. Potpourri if you will.

Thanks to all those who submitted questions to 'Dola. And we can't wait for the Jules-Danny sitcom. 

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