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Best moments from Danny Amendola's Twitter Q&A


Before the snow took over Foxborough on Thursday, there was another takeover at Gillette Stadium – a Twitter takeover. Danny Amendola spent the day with Pepsi, and the day ended with #AskDola, a chance for Patriot fans to ask DA anything they've ever wanted to know.

With Danny behind the wheel of @Patriots, people on Twitter asked their burning questions, and we pulled a few of the best moments from the takeover.

When it came to Sunday's frigid cold … and, well, that whole bomb cyclone thing ... Danny had a few thoughts and plans to stay occupied -- including a teammate slumber party. 

But warmer weather in New England means more fun in the sun.

On adventures and more with his bff Jules.

He follows a strict pregame ritual and music choices.

And a mixed bag of random questions. Potpourri if you will.

Thanks to all those who submitted questions to 'Dola. And we can't wait for the Jules-Danny sitcom. 

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