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Best quotes of the 2017 season

A look back at some of the most quotable moments of the season before the craziest media night of the year.

Photo by David Silverman
Photo by David Silverman

Opening Night (formerly Media Night) at the Super Bowl is notoriously crazy. Reporters bring the weird, show up in funny costumes and ask plenty of questions that prompt strange answers

As we learned this season, it doesn't take Opening Night to get a funny or memorable quote from the Patriots. In honor of Opening Night on Monday in Minneapolis, we're taking a look at some of our favorite sound bites from the season. 

The dictionary definition of a good football player.

It is, indeed, Friday.

The secret weapon.
Reporter: "Are you the secret weapon against the Jaguars?"
Danny Amendola: "I can't tell you. It's a secret."

Bill Belichick's nickname for Gronk's moves.
"He says I got twinkle toes. I'll take twinkle toes. I like when I have twinkle toes. That means I'm feeling good. I'm feeling it."

Dion Lewis make a statement about his stature.
"I'm small, but I ain't little."

A new turn of phrase from Gronk.
"Our fans are always coming out. Bringing it back, I remember last year I was watching in the stands and* they were going bazooka*. They are super loud, super proud."

Tom's comment on a Brandin Cooks touchdown behind killer Gronk blocking.

Devin McCourty on Tom Brady's all-looks.
Reporter: "Can you say how Tom Brady looked at practice today?"
Devin: "Tom looks excellent every day. One of the best-looking people I've ever met."
Reporter: "Did he look like his hand was bothering him at all?"
Devin: "When you look at Tom, the facial [region], it's hard to look at anything else. So, I really only saw his face."

After Monday night, we're sure there will be more added to this list. 

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