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Bill Belichick Conference Call Transcript

New England Patriots Head Coach Bill Belichick addresses the media during his conference call on Monday, December 31, 2012.


BB:** Well, we're going to go through the Miami tape today, look at some corrections and talk about some of those things. We'll start moving ahead to any of our next potential opponents and also just some things that we may need to work on on our end. As I said yesterday, I thought the players did a good job yesterday given the situation, the conditions and all that. Miami is a good football team that's been playing well lately, but we were just able to go out there and make a few more plays than they did yesterday and play for a good 60 minutes. [It was] a good, solid game in all three phases and that's what we needed to do. We helped ourselves and the other things that happened helped us. That was good, but most importantly, we went out and helped ourselves. That's really what we needed to do.

Q: What's your appraisal of the work that Josh McDaniels has done this year in his first season back with you guys?

BB: Full season, yeah. I do think that the end of the season last year was important. It was good because it gave him an opportunity to see and interact and be involved first hand [and see] where we were with some of those guys. Some of them weren't here when he was here before, so that was good. Josh, he does a good job in all areas: player evaluation, scheme, technique, play calling, getting everything coordinated. He does a good job. I've been really fortunate with Charlie [Weis], Josh, Billy O'Brien. We've had really good offensive coordinators here along with the rest of the offensive staff, because they all do work together on it. There are a lot of things that they all contribute in addition to the coordinator. He's done a solid job for us. He's meant a lot, as all the assistants have. The staff has done good job this year. They've worked hard. I think we've improved as a team. That's really what you need to do, especially in this league. Through training camp, you've got to improve through the course of the season and you have to be a better team at the end than you re at the beginning. I think they've worked hard to do that.

Q: At this time of year, with so many guys being let go, Josh's experience must make him a head coaching candidate. Do you feel like he's a strong head coaching candidate and is there anything you can get into logistically in terms of what would happen if he is contacted?

BB: Whatever the rules are are the rules and we of course abide by the NFL rules and policies on everything. That's pretty clearly covered by the league. As far as any other situation, I really couldn't comment on any other team or situation. I have no idea what somebody else is looking for or what their criteria are or what their situation is, for that matter, as an outsider. So I really have no idea who would do what somewhere else because I just don't know enough about wherever else it is that we'd be talking about. As I said, I think Josh has done a great job this year along with the entire offensive staff and the other coaches involved: defense and special teams coaches. I think the coaching staff has done a solid job, but as it relates to him, he's done a solid job. How that fits into some other situation, I have no idea.

Q: Can you expand a little more on the course of action for this week? Is there room at all for self improvement, or is this week dedicated to covering your three potential opponents?

BB: I think it will probably be a little bit of a combination of both things. Where the emphasis will fall is to be determined. That's something that we'll talk about as a staff here today to kind of plan for tomorrow and then on Wednesday when the players come back in. I think heading into this weekend, one scenario was that today we would be getting ready for a game this coming Sunday, so we were prepared to do that if that's what it was. That's not the case now, so we'll kind of reevaluate where we are and what we feel like would be the most productive things for our team: practice, meetings, or other things we can do, the way we break things up and look at them and so forth. And we'll try to find the ones that we feel like could have the biggest impact or are the most important, or the ones that we can actually have an ability to change at this point and work on them. That's something that we'll have to determine probably today and certainly as part of our schedule tomorrow before the players come back in on Wednesday.

Q: Obviously the three teams you could play are teams you've already played. Does the fact that you played Baltimore much earlier than Houston make some of that irrelevant? Does the further away from a game you get make that information less useful or relevant?

BB: Yeah, I think that's true. There's certainly a lot more information on Baltimore since we played them than there is on, say, Houston since we played them. And Indianapolis would fall somewhere in the middle. Again, as we talked about last week, we have people in our organization who are always kind of the advance people, whether it's scouts or coaches that are moving ahead. The coaching staff is always focused on the current opponent or the current situation. Even in training camp, it's the same thing where we're working on things in training camp, but we still have people who are advancing our early season opponents and so forth. It's still kind of the same thing. We have people working on those things and at some point they will come into play for the coaching staff and the players, but at some point it will also just be a preparation until we know who we actually are going to be matched up with next week. So it's little bit of both there, but definitely Baltimore, of the three teams that we could play next, is the one that we – there's a lot more information since the time we played them and that definitely needs to be analyzed.

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