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Bill Belichick donates "V Rings" to Sail Newport

Before heading over to Houston for the Super Bowl, Bill Belichick donated his boat "V Rings" to a local Rhode Island nonprofit, Sail Newport.

Not everyone can own five rings, but just after Super Bowl LI, a local nonprofit got to accept just that. At the end of January, head coach Bill Belichick donated his boat "V Rings" to Sail Newport, a nonprofit that breaks down barriers to access to sailing and water based learning programs.

"It was great of Bill to be able to donate the boat, and we feel honored to have accepted that donation," said Executive Director of Sail Newport, Brad Read.

When Coach Belichick had second thoughts of selling his boat, a mutual friend of theirs suggested that he donate it to the program. He learned about the nonprofit's mission and its need for a safety boat or to run big regattas like the Volvo Ocean Run.

The boat arrived in Newport a week after the Super Bowl and has already done a tour of the harbor.

"We did a little harbor tour to make sure the engine [and] all worked in the middle of February, and the boat is being used to run races on Sundays here in Newport," Brad said. "We have a group of absolute insane sailors that go out on Sundays in the winter time who do what is called frostbite sailing."

As "V Rings" continues to find its place in the future of Sail Newport, Brad can't help but think about the boat's story. Named after Coach Belichicks two Super Bowl wins with the Giants and his wins with the Patriots in 2001, 2003 and 2004, "V Rings" has seen its name changed twice. He has continued that tradition with his current boat "VII Rings," which was previously called "VI Rings."

"We're proud of our team, and we're very proud of the fact that we have a little piece of history," Brad said.

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