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Bill Belichick pays tribute to Celtics legend Tommy Heinsohn

Boston sports fans lost a familiar face and voice on Tuesday. Legendary Celtics player, coach and broadcaster Tommy Heinsohn passed away at the age of 86.

As a player, Heinsohn was a part of the eight championship teams and spent his entire playing career in Boston. He couldn't stay away, though. After retiring in 1965, he returned to coach the Celtics from 1969 to 1978, winning two more championships. In1981, Heinsohn added to his Celtics legacy as a color analyst, where he became a voice for the fan base and intertwined with some unforgettable moments in the franchise's history.

This region is unique in how its sports teams, athletes and coaches support one another. Just hours after news broke of Heinsohn's passing, Bill Belichick appeared on WEEI for his weekly interview, and he reflected on Heinsohn's legacy and what he meant to the region.

"What a tremendous career he had as player and coach and even as a broadcaster. He ended up bringing so many great Celtics moments to fans and really the community," Belichick said. "I think he had such a great connection to the entire Boston community, fan base and obviously Celtics fans, and you know, all the sports fans in Boston that connected to him as well as the Celtics. He was an awesome guy ... it was an honor and pleasure to get to know him. He's a wonderful man."

We couldn't agree more, Coach.

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