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Bill Belichick Press Conf.

Pro Player Stadium - Miami, FLBill Belichick speaks to the press.



            **B:** Well, I don't think there is any big secret about what happened today. It was a tough divisional game, and Miami did a little bit better job of taking care of their opportunities than we did. That's pretty much the story. We had a couple of costly plays in the first half that hurt us and led to some points. We had our opportunities down around the goal line, but we weren't able to capitalize on them. It's frustrating.  

Q: On the last play to [Eric] Bjornson, was that your only option?

B: No, there were other options, but that was our best one. That was what we were looking for.

Q: Do you think that play should have been called interference?

B: I was about as far away from the play as I could possibly be. So I don't think I really got a good look at it.

Q: What did you think of the Dolphins defense?

B: The Dolphins are a good defensive team. That's no secret.

Q: What does it mean when you struggle, but still come within a score of winning? Is that a positive to take from the game?

B: It means we turned the ball over. We weren't able to cross the goal line for one reason or another. Positive things go up in smoke when you can't put points up on the board. That's the name of the game.

Q: Can you talk about how devastating it has been to lose another close game at the end when you had so many opportunities?

B: All losses come hard.

Q: Does your focus change when your team gets off to an 0-4 start?

B: We were trying to win the game. We were trying to win a game. We put all of our energy and all of our focus into coming down here to Miami, and we'll put it all next week into Denver. That's where it is. You have to take it one week at a time in this league.

Q: What caused the struggles on offense?

B: It was a combination of things. But the bottom line is that there were a number of different plays, runs and passes, we didn't make. We have to hit them. You are not going to get all of them, but we have to hit on more than we are hitting. We have to get a few more yards than we are getting.

Q: On the second-to-last possession of the first half, on fourth down you called a running play that went for a loss. The play led to a Dolphin field goal. Why did you decide on that play?

B: Well, they didn't get the field goal until after they drove the ball. It was another fourth-down opportunity where we needed a yard, and we didn't get it. They made a good defensive play and penetrated and we weren't able to get the yardage.

Q: What happened on the Dolphin touchdown?

B: It was a blown coverage. We blew it, and they capitalized on it. It was obviously a critical mistake in the game.

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