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Bill Belichick Press Conf.

Foxboro Stadium, Foxborough, MABill Belichick speaks to the press.



            **B:** Well obviously that was our poorest performance of the year. WE just really didn't give ourselves a chance to win that game at all. We got outplayed and outcoached pretty much in every phase of the game and I think there really isn't a whole lot to say they just did a better job than we did today all the way around. I know we have got a lot better football team than that and we have played a lot better than that, but we didn't have it today and they did and that is really about all I can say.  

Q: Didn't come to play today coach you think or?

B: Nope I think we came to play we just don't think we play well.

Q: Did you try to mix things up against the run in the second half?

B: We tried but it wasn't real successful.

Q: Were the Jets doing anything complicated with the guy coming off the edge, the linebacker they were blitzing against your empty backfield and it seemed to work a lot today?

B: We just didn't do a good job of handling the things they did. I don't think it was anything we hadn't really seen before but they had all these little wrinkles and all that, but we just got beat.

Q: Did the question of who was going to play quarterback not knowing?

B: You always try to prepare for the players that could play in the game. I don't think that was a big factor in the game.

Q: How much did the absence of (Brandon) Mitchell and (Chad) Eaton hurt you?

B: We had some new people on the defensive line. They ran the ball and obviously tried to attack that. Look that's part of the game people are out and somebody else has to step in.

Q: After the improvements on the offensive line what do you think happened tonight?

B: I think we got behind and I think we didn't run the ball enough early in the game. Part of that was inefficiency part of it was the score and it became a one-dimensional game and that is always going to be a problem when you have to pass block every play and you fall behind in the score. WE did things that we don't normally do. We had turnovers, which we haven't had, we didn't play good on the run defense which hasn't been a problem this year, but it was today. They did a better job than we did.

Q: Early on you had a third and thirteen situation they were able to convert it has been a problem the whole year, how frustrating is it to this point that there hasn't been a lot of progress in that area?

B: As a defense we always want to get them off the field on third down that's our goal and we didn't do it. On that play they ran a draw, we ran a blitz and ran right by it.

Q: Curtis Martin had a great game, is that what you have come to expect from him?

B: Curtis is a good back. He is a good back, a very good back, one of the best backs in the league. No doubt about it you give him space he'll hurt you.

Q: The Jets just seemed to come clean in a couple of times on the ends is that a missed assignment?

B: I think we had problems with missed assignments. We just didn't get people blocked.

Q: Are you surprised with the way the team played based on the momentum you had with the two wins?

B: I thought the team played hard they just didn't play well. We played hard we just didn't play well. We made too many mistakes, we turned the ball over, we didn't block the run well, we didn't defend the run well, we missed plays in critical situations.

Q: Are you too far into the season to not being well right now?

B: Look I am not going to sit here and make excuses. We didn't play well today. I am not going to sit here and tell you we played a good game because we didn't. WE have played a lot better than that every other week and we didn't today. I don't think it was because we weren't ready for the game or were not trying to be aggressive or anything else, we just didn't execute and get things done that we needed to get done and they did.

Q: Obviously the two early scores can be demoralizing, but there was plenty of time left in the game, do you think the team was able to at least get their focus back for a little while or did the two scores take all the wind out of our sails?

B: I wouldn't say it took all the wind out of our sails I think we came back and mounted a little bit of counterattack there, but in the end we just didn't make enough plays. WE had defensive penalties that hurt us. We had turnovers on offense that hurt us. They did a better job running the ball than we did. They did a better job defending the run than we did. When those things happen you are going to have trouble in the game. Anytime you turn the ball over a lot that is just going to lead to more problems and it did. If you can't stop the run on defense any better than we did today than that is going to be a problem. Those things haven't been characteristic of our team, but we didn't execute particularly well and the Jets were opportunistic and capitalized on our errors.

Q: As a coaching staff do you know how to fix the problems and the trouble you are having?

B: That's our job that's what we are going to do.

Q: Did you think at all about challenging the fumble on the opening drive?

B: Yes I thought about it but I thought the ball was out. I thought it was a fumble.

Q: After two straight games if you take this one it is huge, where is this team now, psychologically?

B: I don't think anybody is too happy about this game. It's like every other game you play it, it stays with you for awhile and you go on to the next one. That's what we have been doing all year. That's what we do.

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