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Bills accuse Patriots LB Wilfork of taking cheap shots

ORCHARD PARK, N.Y. (AP) _ Buffalo's Jonas Jennings and Chris Villarrial accused New England Patriots linebacker Vince Wilfork of taking cheap shots at them.

Bills tackle Jennings said Wednesday that he was still feeling a little lightheaded after sustaining a concussion, the result of a helmet-to-helmet hit from Wilfork behind the play in New England's 31-17 victory Sunday. Jennings said he was blindsided, and that the collision cracked his helmet near the jaw.

It happened in the third quarter, just after Drew Bledsoe completed a 6-yard pass to Eric Moulds. Jennings had just finished blocking Patriots lineman Richard Seymour and said he never saw Wilfork coming.

``It was almost like it was premeditated, like they set me up,'' said Jennings, knocked cold by the collision.

Jennings was held out of practice Wednesday, and is listed as questionable for Sunday's game at the New York Jets.

Jennings already was unhappy with Wilfork, saying they exchanged comments on the field after Jennings said he saw Wilfork kick guard Villarrial in the ribs earlier in the game. Villarrial said he was down on the ground during Rian Lindell's 33-yard field goal in the first quarter when Wilfork kicked him.

It was a dirty thing to do,'' Villarrial said.Let's be obvious, anybody that's down on the ground, you don't kick them.''

Wilfork could not be reached for comment. The Patriots' locker room access period in Foxboro, Mass., ended before Jennings and Villarrial made their comments. Patriots players are not made available after practice.

The AFC East teams play once more this season, Nov. 14 at New England.

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