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Bledsoe Press Conf.

RCA Dome, Indianapolis, Ind.Drew Bledsoe speaks to the press.



            **Q: After the way the first half went, how good were you feeling about the game heading into the second half?**  

D: No, not really. Against the Colts no lead is safe. Their offense is so prolific that we knew coming out for the second half that we would have to come out and continue to score points. They are very, very explosive, and they showed that today. Yeah, the first half went according to plan and went as well as it could have. We controlled the ball for a long time. But I really felt like today was almost a mirror image of the Jets game we played earlier in the year. We came out, moved the ball down the field and then we were ineffective in the red zone. We had to settle for some field goals. We just couldn't put more points on the board at the end. We couldn't keep up with their scoring.

Q: What was the problem with the red zone? Is it just because the field gets smaller on the offense?

D: That's the challenge you face. The field is smaller, and the defense doesn't have to respect the deep throw. It makes things more difficult. It's a problem we had earlier in the year, and we've addressed it. We've worked hard at it, and we had our opportunities today, but we didn't come up with the plays. It is harder to execute down there because it is a shorter field, but it is something we will continue to address it until we become more adept down there.

Q: Were you surprised J.R. Redmond ran so well?

D: No. J.R. has been making continuous progress throughout the season. He has shown a willingness to come in and do the work, to study and know where he is supposed to be and what he is supposed to do. I think that we are starting to see that his running abilities are obvious. He runs very hard, and he gets some yards after the first contact. He was knocking some guys backwards. He looks like he's going to be a good player for us.

Q: Is this one of your most frustrating losses?

D: Yeah, it's frustrating to go down to the red zone and have to settle for field goals. To not be able to hold on to a lead is frustrating. Is it more frustrating than the other ones? No.

Q: How difficult will it be to live with the result of this one for two weeks instead of coming out next Sunday?

D: That's the problem with the bye week. If you don't win going in, you get two weeks to hang around and dwell on what could have happened and what should have happened. Hopefully we are going to have our third child in the next couple of weeks, and that will be something to take my mind totally off of things.

Q: You were on today. How much does it bother you when they take you out and put Michael Bishop in?

D: That's a game plan thing for us. Michael's abilities running the football and making plays for us are obvious. Unfortunately we came up short a couple of times today, but I thought Mike came in and did a few things very, very well. So that's part of our offense and it will continue to be. Would I like to be on the field every play? Probably. But I understand game plan-wise, and I understand the different pressures that puts on a defense when Michael comes in.

Q: Are there concerns about the attitude of the team coming back with a 2-6 record after two weeks off?

D: I think the best way to answer that is to respond by saying, 'watch us.' Watch us over the second half of the season, and you can make your own judgement of where the attitude of the team is. What do I anticipate? I anticipate that guys are going to come back and continue to play hard and win some ball games in the second half of the season. That's the way I'm approaching it, and that's the way I believe our team will approach it. In the time that I've been here, I've never seen this team roll over. Through the second half of the season we are going to be a dangerous team for people. They are going to come in thinking they are playing a Patriots team that is 2-6, and that's a game they think they should win. We're going to knock some people off down the stretch. As far as where the attitude is going to be, I anticipate that we are going to come back and do everything that we can over the last eight games.

Q: For two weeks in a row, you've seemed very emotional after your rushing touchdowns. Are you at a point in your career where you feel you are ready to burst out of frustration?

D: Well, it's a very, very frustrating thing. I think that everybody knows that I have extremely high expectations for myself and for our team. When we don't live up to those, it is a very frustrating thing to deal with, both emotionally and mentally. I think that, in these types of situations, you can kind of define who you are by how you respond.

Q: Here's a shocker, you weren't sacked tonight. How did that feel?

D: We did a very good job up front. Max Lane stepped in at right tackle and did a very good job for us. The Colts blitzed us a bunch out of the secondary, and we had a good scheme designed to pick up their blitzers from wherever they were coming. Our guys did a very, very good job up front of recognizing where the guys were coming from. That's one area where we made great progress.

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