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Bledsoe raises money for wildfire victims

Wildfires have been ravaging northern California for days, destroying everything in their wake. The destruction that has killed dozens, ruined homes and displaced hundreds has left many wondering how they can help. 

Among those looking for something -- anything -- to do to raise money was former Patriot Drew Bledsoe. In his life after football, Drew has made his longtime dream of owning a winery a reality. Drew, alongside Winemaker and General Manager Josh McDaniels (no, not that one), run Doubleback Winery in Walla Walla, Wash.

Despite being outside of the famed Napa Valley, the wine community is a small one, and both Drew and Josh have friends, colleagues and mentors who have been impacted by the fires, so they decided to do something. 

While Doubleback sold out of its wine for the season, the crew broke into its wine library, bottles that are saved for historical and learning purposes, and is having a special library release. All of the proceeds from bottles sold will benefit the Napa Valley Community Foundation Disaster Relief Fund, according to Josh. 

"Right now we're in the middle of harvest season. We have a lot of friends and business relationships down there. Our heart goes out to them," Josh said. "Seeing some of those photos, you can't even fathom what it would be like to be going through that." 

The fundraising efforts will run through Saturday, Oct. 14, and so far, Josh said the support from Doubleback's customers has exceeded his expectations. 

"It's been tremendous. It's been great to hear from our friends who are struggling, saying 'Thank you so much for doing this,'" Josh said. "Our customers had the same sentiment after seeing someone like Drew use the winery to help support people."

Those who are interested in ordering bottles of wine to support the cause can click hereor call the winery at 509-525-3334. For those who want to make a donation, Josh recommends they go directly to the Napa Valley Community Foundation Disaster Relief Fund to do so. You can find the link here

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