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Boston police officer pumps up crowd before Patriots parade

This Boston police officer really knows how to get a crowd going.

Patriots fans are a dedicated bunch, as proven by their willingness to wait in the snow, rain and cold on Tuesday just to catch a glimpse of their Super Bowl Champions. 

While they were happy to do it, sometimes a little entertainment while waiting helps makes a moment even sweeter.

Before the duck boats rolled by the Tremont Street side of Boston Common, fans there had a show. A Boston police officer led the crowd in Patriots cheers and got the fans fired up. With chants like "When I say 'Tom,' you say 'Brady,'" she was a big hit and kept fans excited while they waited patiently.

Her energy was caught on tape by Rajinder Kumar, who posted it on Twitter.

The Boston Police Department was also impressed by her energy and ability to keep the crowd going as they waited for the Patriots.

Rock on, Boston PD. Rock on. 

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