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Brady, Luck spread mutual envy

As Tom Brady and Andrew Luck prepare to face off in Indy on Sunday night, the two highly-productive passers threw plenty of praise on each other this week.

Tom Brady seems to have all – both on and off the football field.

But when asked this week about the guy he'll be trying to keep up with Sunday night in a potential high-scoring indoor track meet at Lucas Oil Stadium, New England's No. 12 had plenty of good things to say about Colts rising star No. 12 -- Andrew Luck.

In fact, Brady was even a bit envious of Luck's repertoire of skills.

"He's a great player. He's in his third year, and he's had a lot of success," Brady said. "Their offense is doing a great job this year. They score a lot of points, especially at home, and he's kind of the ring leader. He does a lot of things I wish I could do. He's big, fast, shrugs off blockers. He makes a lot of extended plays. He's a great passer."

Think about it, the man with a super-model wife, five Super Bowl appearances, three rings, two Super Bowl MVPs, plenty of records and two NFL MVPs wishes he could do "a lot of things" Luck can. Hard to believe there is more praise that the future Hall of Famer and debated greatest ever could throw at a third-year passer.

Even Luck was taken aback and responded in characteristic classy fashion when Brady's comments made his way to Indianapolis.

"He does a lot of things I can't do," Luck said. "There's a lot of Super Bowls so far. Hopefully you can get to that type of level with that production and that success."

While Sunday night's game isn't yet in the range of the Brady vs. Manning matchups, it is the third meeting between Brady and Luck in just the three years since the latter landed with the Colts as the No. 1 overall pick.

The first two battles, including last season's playoff matchup, took place in Foxborough and ended in Brady-led Patriots routs.

"I think his mastery of the quarterback position is something I definitely admire from afar and what he's able to do consistently for every game for so many years," Luck added. "Just seems to be a master at his craft. Again, it's any kid at any level, rookie quarterback, third-year quarterback like myself, to look up to him I think is cool."

Brady vs. Luck III will be the first to take place in Indy. And the Colts quarterback is having a fantastic season to date leading the NFL in attempts and yards through nine games, while ranking second in touchdowns and seventh in passer rating for a 6-3 Indy team looking to make its mark in the AFC.

Still, it's almost unfathomable that Brady is envious of anything any other quarterback has to offer, especially an interception-prone young gun sporting a Civil War-era beard who's still trying to make his mark in his third year as a starter – a time when Brady already had a pair of Lombardi's to lean on.

Brady may have always dreamed of being bigger, faster or more athletic, but he's certainly done OK for himself in his 15 seasons.

Even Brady's teammates found it hard to believe he'd be envious of Luck. Or any other quarterback for that matter.

Wide receiver Brandon LaFell summed it up perfectly when asked if Brady should be envious of any other passer.

"Only the guy he looks in the mirror to every day," LaFell said.

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