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Brandon Copeland hosts virtual 'Life 101' for NFL players amid COVID-19 social distancing 

The reported new Patriot modified the class he teaches at UPenn to guide his NFL peers. 

While the world has come to a near stand-still during the COVID-19 pandemic, Brandon Copeland is taking the opportunity to educate his peers. Through the NFLPA, Copeland is teaching "Life 101" for NFL Players, a webinar series teaching strategies to manage investments and other financial advice.

Copeland, a reported free agent addition for the Patriots, teaches a class by the same name at his alma mater, University of Pennsylvania, and according to the New York Post's Mark Cannizzaro, he is hosting the series free of charge for all active NFL players. He graduated from UPenn's Wharton School of Business in 2013, even working as an analyst while balancing his playing career.

During this time of uncertainty, NFL players are unable to train as they typically would, but Copeland is making a pitch for them to stay engaged in a different way.

"We should try to look at this as an opportunity to get better. That may be by auditing ourselves, going through bills, getting things done, finding little pockets of money and coming out of this stronger in terms of having a better investment plan," Copeland said, according to The Post.

As someone who straddles the line of NFL player and financial advisor, Copeland is in a unique situation to be able to get through to his peers.

"The benefit of having me be the host is they're talking to a brother when they're talking to me," Copeland said.

The first web seminar took place on March 31, and the material was related to the COVID-19 pandemic, how guys are doing and how they can better themselves while they are self-isolating.

"That can be estate planning or having a grip on an investment plan or something as simple as reading some books and getting some things done that you always wanted to get done but didn't have the time," Copeland told The Post.

The rest of the series will focus on stocks, taxes, accounting, real estate and more. As a result of kicking off the program, Copeland has been in contact with player associations for both the NBA and the MLB.

Though this is a new audience for Copeland, colleagues rather than students, he is hoping it will bring people together in the name of financial literacy.

"For me, this is about connecting with people who are like-minded and spreading the word, spreading knowledge. I'm taking an hour of my time to do what I'm already doing, what I'm passionate about, and sharing the information," Copeland said. "I personally believe that there's a tie between stress and mental health issues and not being where you want to be financially."

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