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Brandon King reunites with prom dance partner

Brandon King attended a dance hosted by Prom Angels, and he clearly made an impression.

Back in May, Brandon King made a special appearance at a prom -- but not just any prom. It was an event put on by Prom Angels, an organization that hosts an annual dance for students and adults with special needs from across New England. 

By dressing to the nines, posing for pictures and, of course, dancing, Brandon helped make the event even more special for those attending, and at training camp on Sunday, one of his dance partners returned the sentiment, surprising him on the sidelines after practice. 

As he was walking off the field, Brandon found out she was there and immediately went over to say hi and snap a selfie. Brandon posted the picture to his Instagram later on.

It was an amazing feeling just seeing her because a lot of times you go places and people feel entitled for you to talk to them, entitled for you to sign something," Brandon said. "There was sincerity of just being at prom with them and seeing the smiles on their faces ... Some people never go to prom, and just me being there and seeing all of the smiles, it made me as happy as it made them. Seeing her again and being able to live out a different experience, it's just amazing."

Over his time in New England, Brandon has been a regular in the community, but going to the dance with Prom Angels and forging friendships with those who went stuck out in particular.

"No one is bigger than anyone out here. Anyone can make an impact. I'm just happy that I can make a positive impact on her and help her get through whatever she's going through," Brandon said. 


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