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Brock Williams Press Conf.

Foxboro Stadium, Foxborough, MABrock Williams speaks to the press via Conference Call



            **Q: What's your reaction to being selected by the Patriots?**  

W: I didn't think it would be this long, about seven hours, but being drafted by the Patriots is great and I look forward to going into camp and playing. I'm ready to play right now. I've been working out and that's all I've been doing- I'm ready to play football. I'm just happy that I know where I am right now and I know my future right now.

Q: Did you talk to the Patriots at the combine?

W: Yes, I talked to them for a brief minute. I didn't know that they were that interested in me, to be honest. But that's the way it turned out and I'm fortunate to be there as a third round selection.

Q: Did you have any expectations on where you might be drafted?

W: I was expecting third round. Early third round, late second round. I kept my expectations at the third round and then it started getting a little bit late in the third round and I got a little scared. I said wherever I would go, and what round, I'm going to make the best of it.

Q: What are your strengths and weaknesses as a player?

W: I think the one thing you have to be as a cornerback is confident. You have to have confidence. That's what I think is a strength of my game. I have confidence in my man to man coverage. And I have confidence in making tackles, plus man to man coverage. I'm real aggressive at man to man, I like to play the bump and run and I like to hit too. I can play nickel back or I can play in a dime package, any position that they would put me in.

Q: Do you look forward to playing with guys like Lawyer Milloy and Ty Law?

W: I didn't think about it too much. You just said those two names (Milloy and Law), they are big-time players. I'm going to feel real comfortable playing with those guys. I might not be able to play with those guys early. But just playing with those guys and practicing with those guys will be a good deal.

Q: You had a few problems a few years ago. Can you talk a little bit about that?

W: It was more a positive than a negative. Everything I went through that year, just sitting out and not being able to practice with the team and not being able to play in the game. You sit on the sidelines. I love football. Whatever you have, it can be taken away from you. You've got to be more mature about what you're doing and you've got to understand that things that you do have consequences to them. That helped me a lot maturing and now I am a better man because of that. The little things that I did, I understand what I did was wrong and at a University like Notre Dame, it's demanding and when something goes wrong and things like that happen, you'll get suspended. At the time before, I didn't know, I wasn't mature enough to know that. I was just messing around, but after the fact, I understood. You're in the program, you've got to follow the rules in that program. Everything has been good from then on.

Q: What are your times in the 40-yd dash?

W: I couldn't tell you. At the combine, I think my electronic time was a 4.43. Several teams had me at a 4.3 so that's pretty fast I would say. I think I could be faster, but 4.3 is my speed.

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