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Cam Newton debuts new B.E.T. show with guest, Steve Harvey

Cam Newton is many things, including a father, a former NFL M.V.P., a style icon and a businessman. Now, he's adding yet another title to his resumé -- host.

On a new B.E.T. show, Sip N' Smoke, Newton will host guests at Fellaship, his cigar shop in Atlanta for in-depth honest and open conversations. The eight-episodes series kicked off on Wednesday with comedian Steve Harvey, and it didn't take long for Newton and Harvey to start dropping gems of wisdom.

The setting alone is chic and stylish, which shouldn't be a surprise for a Newtown-owned enterprise, but it set the stage for a candid conversation about everything from Harvey's start in comedy to fatherhood. While it was the series debut, Newton made himself comfortable as an interviewer, coaxing "major gemstones" from Harvey.

Here are some of the highlights.

Newton asked: "What advice could you give me? Me, being a father, by allowing your children to step in their own greatness?"

"The thing I've learned about fatherhood: Ain't no manual, no blueprint for raising your kids. You have to allow them because ... they're going to make mistakes. And you have to allow for those mistakes because no matter what you teach them as a parent, they one day are going to make a decision that's completely adverse to everything you've ever taught them. Just stay with them because they're gonna make mistakes, and you got to keep loving them."

Later on, Newton asked his "nightcap" question, the question he'll ask every guest to answer as they interpret: what's next?

"'I'm more in the motivational space than I am in a comedy space to teach and share information I've learned since 1985 and before," Harvey said. "It's two things you can't Google. You can't Google experience, and you can't Google success. Your ass got to get out here and get that out of you. Ain't no elevator to the top. You got to take to the stairs."

And then Harvey went on to reference a saying that sums it all up.

"There's an African proverb: lions don't turn around when small dogs. Don't even turn around," Harvey said.

You can watch the full interview here and catch new episodes of Newton's "Sip N' Smoke" on and B.E.T.'s YouTube channel.

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