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Cannon ready for 'best pass rusher in the league'

Marcus Cannon has plenty of respect for Browns DE Myles Garrett.


Back in the spring there were more than a few NFL followers who believed the Cleveland Browns were among the favorites to make the playoffs and perhaps even the Super Bowl. While those early predictions don't look good now with Cleveland struggling at 2-4, the Browns have a base of talent that made the team worthy of such projections.

At the top of that list sits Myles Garrett, the former No. 1 overall pick who is as dangerous a pass rusher as there is in the league. Garrett leads the AFC and is tied with Tampa's Shaq Barrett for the top spot in the league with 9 sacks, and according to Marcus Cannon there's no one better at his craft.

"He's the best pass rusher in the league," said Cannon, who will likely see plenty of the 2017 top overall pick. "He's that good."

Garrett does it in a lot of ways but first and foremost he's a tremendous athlete. His 6-4, 270-plus pound frame allows him to beat blockers with both speed and power, and Cannon explained how the Browns don't make it easy to contain him.

"He just does a lot of stuff. He has a number of moves. He's strong, he's quick, he's fast, he's long and he uses his arms and hands great. He's always around the quarterback," Cannon explained. "He plays all the way across the front."

For most of Garrett's two-plus NFL seasons he has rushed off the quarterback's blind side but this year he's split his time between the right and left, and the results have been positive. While it's possible the Browns will try to take advantage of backup tackle Marshall Newhouse on the left side, Cannon will see plenty of him as well.

"They do a good job, they're very aggressive and disruptive," Bill Belichick said of the front as a whole. "They bring guys off the edge and run games inside and that kind of thing. They have a lot of good players and they keep you moving. They just don't sit in one thing all day. They make you make adjustments and put enough pressure on you that if you miss somebody or if you take a bad step or get out of position, they have guys take advantage of it – Olivier [Vernon] and certainly Garrett."

"He plays both sides and will also go down inside. We just have to be ready for wherever he's going to be," Cannon added.

So will Cannon go about trying to contain the athletic pass rusher?

"Do my job."

If only it were that simple.

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