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Celebrating TNF on Twitter with 50 Famous Followers

The Patriots and Texans face-off for Thursday Night Football, and we're celebrating the first Patriots game streaming on Twitter with a look at 50 of our famous followers.

The Patriots are taking to Twitter in a new way. When the Patriots face off against the Houstons Thursday night, it will be the first time a New England game streams live on Twitter. 

Watching NFL matchups on Twitter is new this season and opens up the possibility of tuning on while on the go, and with the Patriots rocking their brand new Color Rush jerseys, you won't want to miss the game. 

The Patriots have more than 2.5 million followers on Twitter, so we know fans will be catching the action one way or another. To celebrate this landmark night in viewing, we are looking at some of our most prolific followers on the platform. From members of New Kids on the Block to everybody's favorite Old Spice spokesman, there is no shortage of celebrities keeping tabs on the Patriots via Twitter. 

Some are well known Patriots supporters (re: Ben Affleck, Chris Evans), but others may surprise. While following the Patriots Twitter account does not necessarily equate to cheers on game day, it's cool to know they are watching from Hollywood to D.C.

Be sure to tune on Twitter or CBS as the Patriots take on the Texans. You never know which of these celebs will be watching, too. 


From musicians to policians, these are some of the famous folks who follow @Patriots on Twitter. 

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