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Chris Hogan writes touching essay for Players' Tribune

Chris Hogan reflects on the AFC Championship game and what it meant to him in an essay for The Players' Tribune.

Photo by Dwight Darian

The AFC Championship Game was a good one for Chris Hogan.

No, scratch that. It was a great game. Chris, for the first time in his career, played a significant role in sending his team to a Super Bowl, so it is no surprise the game meant more to him than the typical game. 

Chris opened up about the road to this point: visiting Foxborough for the first time, going back to Buffalo and seeing his fiancée after the AFC Championship. He wrote that when he first stepped foot on the field at Gillette Stadium, he felt a difference. 

"The air in Foxborough is just a little different. Like, Special things happen here. Winning happens here," Chris wrote. "And as much as I loved playing in Buffalo, I wanted so badly to be a part of the Patriots' culture."

Now that more than a week has passed since that last game, Chris said he learned part of the secret to that culture. Even after a huge win, the focus in New England shifts quickly forward to the next game because there is still work to be done. 

"Because even though I'm coming off the game of my life, what I did in the last game doesn't matter," he said. "Because this is New England. That game is in the past. And we still have one more."

We don't want to give away the rest. The full essay is a touching and heart-happy read that Patriots fans will love. You can catch it here


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