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Cincinnati Bengals: What They're Saying


On playing the Patriots...
"It's an important week for us, going to Foxborough, playing a well put-together team that's not satisfied with the way they played the other night. They're a much better team than that. They've got a lot of good players, and generally play very well together. It's a big week of preparation for us. We've got to prepare well and really go play good football on the road. It's been a couple weeks since we had to do that, so it's important to get back focused to playing on the road, and what that entails, including dealing with the crowd noise."
- Bengals Head Coach Marvin Lewis

"You know they're going to play better than they played last week. Bill Belichick he's a great coach so I'm quite sure they're not going to play the way they played last week and being who we are we're going to get everyone's best shot right now. We just have to go in and play Bengals football and not try to play out of character and we'll be all right."
- Bengals Cornerback Adam Jones

"The way that game turned out (Monday) doesn't show the kind of team that they are. It kind of got out of hand, the score was pretty lopsided, but that's not the team that they are. It shows you've got to play every Sunday, because if a few things don't go the right way, it can turn out like that. But they're a talented team. They've been a good team for a long time, so we know we're going to get their best."
- Bengals Quarterback Andy Dalton

"I'd prefer for them to have won last week to be honest. Because you know they're going to come back out re-loaded and hungry. We're definitely hungry, too. It's like two hungry lions trying to eat. It's going to be a fight."
- Bengals Defensive Lineman Wallace Gilberry

On playing a Bill Belichick defense...
"You've got to be prepared for everything. I think that's why they've been good, because it's different every week. Once you get into the game you kind of feel what they're going to be doing. You've got to be ready for that once you get into the game."
- Bengals Quarterback Andy Dalton

On Tom Brady...
"He has such a great command of what they're doing offensively. He understands coverage, where the ball should go, where the ball should fit. Do they want to run it, do they want to throw it? He has that command of things he does all the time. You have to be able to get up on him and get pressure on him, and you've got to be disruptive. We've got to do a good job around the quarterback. He's tall, he carries the ball, big stature in the pocket. We kind of know where he's going to be for the most part. This is not an offense that features a lot of boots and nakeds and things like that. They do have a lot of deep play-actions that we've got to do a great job of defending. They do a lot of screens and some grounds, halfback screens, wide receiver screens, tight end screens, and things that come off of all their runs and looks. He has a great command of where the ball should go, and of what they perceive is the weakness of your particular defense that snap to get the ball there."
- Bengals Head Coach Marvin Lewis

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