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Combine: Logan Mankins mulling retirement

Former Patriots guard Logan Mankins is mulling retirement after nine NFL seasons.

INDIANAPOLIS -- Logan Mankins was one of the most popular members of the team during his seven years with the Patriots. After two with the Bucs, the former All-Pro guard is mulling retirement.

Tampa Bay general manager Jason Licht says he's not sure which way Mankins is leading but stressed the team will be prepared either way.

"We'll be talking to Logan in the next few weeks," Licht said at the Combine. "His decision isn't going to have any sort of hindrance on what we're planning on doing for the future. You've got to build. You've got to look three years ahead, so his decision isn't going to hurt us in any way right now with what we're planning on doing."

Licht and the Bucs love the leadership the 34-year-old Mankins has provided and would love to have him back, but the decision is in Mankins' hands.

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