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Combine Results: Day Three

The following are the workout results for tight end, offensive line prospects participating on day four of the 2007 NFL Scouting Combine.  Also noted are the results of all prospects taking part in the bench press workout.

Group 3 (TE) -- Top Six Results: 20 Shuttle
1. Derek SchoumanBoise St.4.27
2. Ben PatrickDelaware4.31
3. Scott ChandlerIowa4.32
4. Clark HarrisRutgers4.40
5. Anthony PudewellNevada4.41
6. Kevin BossWestern Oregon4.41

Group 2 (OL) -- Top Seven Results: 20 Shuttle
1. Samson SateleHawaii4.29
2. Ryan KalilSouthern Cal4.34
3. Adam KoetsOregon St.4.47
4. Ryan HarrisNotre Dame4.52
5. Drew MorminoCentral Michigan4.53
6. James MartenBoston College4.54
7. Scott StephensonIowa St.4.57

Group 3 (TE) -- Top Six Results: 60 Shuttle
1. Derek SchoumanBoise St.11.56
2. Kevin BossWestern Oregon11.81
3. Ben PatrickDelaware11.86
4. Scott ChandlerIowa11.88
5. Martez MilnerGeorgia11.89
6. Gijon RobinsonMissouri Western St.11.92

Group 3 (TE) -- Top 10 Results: Three Cone
1. Kevin BossWestern Oregon6.96
2. Dante RosarioOregon6.96
3. Derek SchoumanBoise St.7.00
4. Zach MillerArizona St.7.01
5. Greg OlsenMiami (Fla.)7.04
6. Jonny HarlineBrigham Young7.05
7. Daniel CoatsBrigham Young7.07
8. Ben PatrickDelaware7.21
9. Gijon RobinsonMissouri Western St.7.23
10. Chad UpshawBuffalo7.23

Group 2 (OL) -- Top 10 Results: Three Cone
1. Adam KoetsOregon St.7.44
2. Corey HilliardOklahoma St.7.45
3. Dan SantucciNotre Dame7.47
4. Samson SateleHawaii7.47
5. Drew MorminoCentral Michigan7.48
6. Ryan KalilSouthern Cal7.50
7. Mike JonesIowa7.50
8. Gabe HallTexas Tech7.59
9. Mario HendersonFlorida St.7.60
10. Mike OttoPurdue7.62

Group 3 (TE) -- Top 10 Results: Broad Jump
1. Michael AllanWhitworth10'3"
2. Derek ShoumanBoise St.10'2"
3. Martez MilnerGeorgia9'9"
4. Gijon RobinsonMissouri Western St.9'8"
5. Kevin BossWestern Oregon9'8"
6. Dante RosarioOregon9'7"
7. Zach MillerArizona St.9'7"
8. Greg OlsenMiami (Fla.)9'6"
9. Clark HarrisRutgers9'4"
10. Ben PatrickDelaware9'3"

Group 2 (OL) -- Top 10 Results: Broad Jump
1. Tony UgohArkansas9'9"
2. Joe ThomasWisconsin9'2"
3. Mario HendersonFlorida St.9'1"
4. Corey HilliardOklahoma St.8'10"
5. Adam KoetsOregon St.8'10"
6. Drew MorminoCentral Michigan8'9"
7. Mike OttoPurdue8'9"
8. Gabe HallTexas Tech8'8"
9. Ryan KalilSouthern Cal8'8"
10. Enoka LucasOregon8'8"

Group 1 (OL) -- Top Five Results: Broad Jump
1. Doug FreeNorthern Illinois9'03"
2. Andy AllemanAkron8'10"
3. Allen BarbreMissouri Southern8'09"
4. Brandon FryeVirginia Tech8'07"
5. Doug DatishOhio St.8'06"

Group 3 (TE) -- Top Five Results: Vertical Jump
1. Derek SchoumanBoise St.37 1/2"
2. Michael AllanWhitworth36"
3. Dante RosarioOregon36"
4. Greg OlsenMiami (Fla.)35 1/2"
5. Kevin BossWestern Oregon35"

Group 2 (OL) -- Top Eight Results: Vertical Jump
1. Samson SateleHawaii33 1/2"
2. Joe ThomasWisconsin33"
3. Tony UgohArkansas32 1/2"
4. Adam KoetsOregon St.32"
5. James MartenBoston Col30 1/2"
6. Scott StephensonIowa St.29 1/2"
7. Dan SantucciNotre Dame29"
8. Gabe HallTexas Tech29"

Group 1 (OL) -- Top Five Results: Vertical Jump
1. Brandon FryeVirginia Tech32 1/2"
2. Allen BarbreMissouri Southern32"
3. Andy AllemanAkron30"
4. Doug FreeNorthern Illinois30"
5. Justin BlalockTexas28 1/2"

Group 3 (TE) -- Top Eight Results: 40-Yard Dash
1. Greg OlsenMiami (Fla.)4.51
2. Michael AllanWhitworth4.71
3. Gijon RobinsonMissouri Western St.4.71
4. Ben PatrickDelaware4.74
5. Derek SchoumanBoise St.4.74
6. Dante RosarioOregon4.76
7. Kevin BossWestern Oregon4.78
8. Scott ChandlerIowa4.78

Group 2 (OL) -- Top 10 Results: 40-Yard Dash
1. Gabe HallTexas Tech4.91
2. Joe ThomasWisconsin4.92
3. Ryan KalilSouthern Cal4.96
4. Tony UgohArkansas5.06
5. James MartenBoston College5.08
6. Adam KoetsOregon St.5.08
7. Ryan HarrisNotre Dame5.09
8. Mario HendersonFlorida St.5.11
9. Kasey StuddardTexas5.18
10. Herbert TaylorTexas-Christian5.19

Group 1 (OL) -- Top Five Results: 40-Yard Dash
1. Allen BarbreMissouri Southern4.84
2. Andy AllemanAkron5.07
3. Brandon FryeVirginia Tech5.08
4. Justin BlalockTexas5.10
5. Doug DatishOhio St.5.13

Group 1 -- All Results: Bench
Andy AllemanAkron27 reps.
Allen BarbreMissouri Southern28 reps.
Joshua BeekmanBoston College24 reps.
Nathan BennettClemson34 reps.
Stephen BergArizona St.19 reps.
Justin BlalockTexas40 reps.
Levi BrownPenn St.31 reps.
Andrew CarnahanArizona St.22 reps.
Doug DatishOhio St.31 reps.
Chris DenmanFresno St.21 reps.
Tim DuckworthAuburn20 reps.
Mark FentonColorado22 reps.
Doug FreeNorthern Illinois22 reps.
Dustin FryClemson34 reps.
Brandon FryeVirginia Tech34 reps.
Ben GrubbsAuburn29 reps.
Gabe HallTexas Tech22 reps.
Leroy HarrisNorth Carolina St.29 reps.
Ryan HarrisNotre Dame22 reps.
Mario HendersonFlorida St.20 reps.
Stephon HeyerMaryland30 reps.
Corey HilliardOklahoma St.28 reps.
Mike JonesIowa28 reps.
Ryan KalilSouthern Cal34 reps.
Adam KoetsOregon St.20 reps.
Enoka LucasOregon34 reps.
Palauni Ma SunOregon22 reps.
Drew MorminoCentral Michigan27 reps.
Dan MozesWest Virginia28 reps.
Uche NwaneriPurdue24 reps.
Mike OttoPurdue20 reps.
Manuel RamirezTexas Tech40 reps.
Dan SantucciNotre Dame23 reps.
Samson SateleHawaii25 reps.
Arron SearsTennessee21 reps.
Kendrick ShacklefordGeorgia28 reps.
Joe StaleyCentral Michigan27 reps.
Cameron StephensonRutgers34 reps.
Scott StephensonIowa St.21 reps.
Kasey StuddardTexas32 reps.
Herbert TaylorTexas Christian26 reps.
Joe ThomasWisconsin28 reps.
Tony UgohArkansas32 reps.
Elliot VallejoCal-Davis24 reps.
Mansfield WrottoGeorgia Tech27 reps.
Michael AllanWhitworth19 reps.
Scott ChandlerIowa16 reps.
Daniel CoatsBrigham Young34 reps.
Jonny HarlineBrigham Young15 reps.
Clark HarrisRutgers21 reps.
Martez MilnerGeorgia19 reps.
Joe NewtonOregon St.20 reps.
Greg OlsenMiami (Fla.)23 reps.
Anthony PudewellNevada15 reps.
Gijon RobinsonMissouri Western St.21 reps.
Dante RosarioOregon20 reps.
Derek SchoumanBoise St.27 reps.
Chad UpshawBuffalo16 reps.

Note: All results are received from NFL Network.

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