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Congress asks NFL for more steroid information

WASHINGTON (May 16, 2005) -- The NFL was asked to provide more information on its steroid testing by the congressional panel that heard testimony last month from commissioner Paul Tagliabue.

House Government Reform Committee chairman Tom Davis, a Virginia Republican, and ranking Democrat Henry Waxman of California sent Tagliabue a letter May 16 requesting results of the league's tests since Jan. 1, 1995, for testosterone and epitestosterone.

"We are not seeking the names of individual players, but we do ask that you provide the data so that players can be tracked from year to year (by using, for example, a numeric code)," Davis and Waxman wrote.

The committee already had asked for other documents about the NFL's testing before its April 27 hearing. The panel called baseball players and officials to Capitol Hill in March and will hear testimony from NBA commissioner David Stern on May 19.

Tagliabue, Stern, and Major League Baseball commissioner Bud Selig are among the witnesses scheduled to appear this week before a separate panel conducting its own inquiry into steroids in major U.S. sports.

The House Commerce, Trade and Consumer Protection Subcommittee will hold hearings May 18 and May 19. Its chairman, Florida Republican Cliff Stearns, proposed the Drug Free Sports Act on April 26.

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