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Cubs players rock Patriots jerseys on themed road trip

Champs recognize champs. 

Last Sunday was the last one without football for the foreseeable future, and one MLB team took it upon themselves to celebrate its return. 

The reigning World Series Champions honored the occasion by wearing their favorite jerseys on a road trip to Pittsburgh, and naturally, some Cubs took the opportunity to celebrate the reigning Super Bowl champs. 

As the Cubs hit the road for a series against the Pirates, the themed road trip was a chance to have fun, and while Anthony Rizzo and Kris Bryant rocked the jerseys of fictional characters Ray Finkle and Paul Crewe, others opted for very real champions. 

Pitcher José Quintana and coach Juan Cabreja both brought their Tom Brady jerseys, guaranteeing their G.O.A.T. status on the road trip. José and Juan weren't alone in their support of the Patriots either. 

Tommy La Strella proudly rocked his Devin McCourty threads, and pitcher Hector Rondon wore a Rob Gronkowski Color Rush jersey. 

The Cubs aren't alone in this fun tradition. This time last year, the Red Sox had a similar themed road trip, and David Ortiz broke out his Patriots jersey for the occasion.

We have to admit, the Cubs look pretty good in Patriots gear. 

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