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Danny Amendola joins Instagram with Super Bowl pic

The Patriot joined the Instagram community with a special moment from Sunday's game.

Patriots fans now have another player to follow on Instagram: Danny Amendola.

While his teammates Rob Gronkowski and Tom Brady both joined the platform relatively recently, both did so in ways that fit their style. Gronk rode on in, laughing it up and having a blast. Tom staged a selection ceremony

Danny, too, joined Instagram in his own style: simply and quietly.

With a photo posted on Tuesday, Danny stepped into the Instagram community, shining a light on a special moment from Sunday's game. His two-point conversion catch tied the game for the Patriots and kept their hopes alive. Of course, the Patriots went on to win in overtime on a James White touchdown, but after having been trailing the Falcons for the entire game, it would have been easy to give up. 

But with his post, Danny's message was clear: "Never quit."

Thanks to moments like this one, Patriots Nation never will.

Never quit.

A post shared by Danny Amendola (@dannyamendola) on

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