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Davis Love III Channels Coach Belichick at Ryder Cup

The USA Ryder Cup Team captain met Bill Belichick earlier this month, and the introduction has clearly made an impression.


The USA Team for the 2016 Ryder Cup spent time at Gillette Stadium earlier this month, and it has clearly made an impact on Captain Davis Love III. 

Davis got up close to Bill Belichick's home field while the Ryder Cup Team was in town and has since picked up the coach's lingo. In more than one press conference leading up to the Ryder Cup, Davis has mentioned Coach Belichick or quoted one of his many well known lines. Earlier this week, Davis dropped the most notable phrase: Do your job. 

In a press conference on Tuesday, the captain stressed the importance on focusing on your team.

"Like Coach Belichick says, do your job, stay in your lane and the other guy next to you can be more aggressive," Davis said. "That's pretty simple, if you take care of your partner and take care of your teammates, the results will take care of themselves."

This isn't the only piece of advice Davis took from Coach Belichick. He brought up the Patriots head coach at a Sept. 12 press conference, as well. When it comes to drowning out the talk surrounding his team and players, it is better to ignore and keep moving forward. 

"When Belichick says you've just got to get everybody to just do their job, don't listen to the noise, it really resonates with everything I've been hearing, that our players are really, really good," he said. "If we just do our job and don't listen to the outside comments and noise and grind it out, we can get a win." 

The Belichick method has worked well for New England, and Patriots fans will be hoping it brings good things to Team USA, as well. Now, someone get this man a cut-off sweatshirt. His training at the Belichick School of Coaching Mantras is complete.

The Ryder Cup has already started, but you can catch Team USA in action until Oct. 2. 


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